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Article by Erin Van Kirk

Photography by Teri Radloff

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Checking out our schedule for the first time and wondering what all those class format names mean? Here is your go-to cheat sheet on the class offerings at JazzerciseATX

Cardio Sculpt: Feel lighter, stronger and happier after high-intensity, dance-based cardio followed by strength training and stretching. This is the "original" Jazzercise format.

Power Sculpt: Fire up your metabolism in this HIIT class that combines high-intensity dance-based cardio with intervals of targeted strength work. Finish with concentrated strength training.

Sculpt: Build lean muscle in this strength training class. You’ll squat, push-up and plank your way to total-body wellness with routines that sculpt and tone every muscle in your body.

Stretch: Increase flexibility and relieve soreness in this dance-based restorative class. With dynamic and static stretching, you'll stabilize your joints, lengthen your muscles, and promote physical & mental balance.

Low Impact: Minimal impact, maximum results. Get your heart rate up without a hop, skip, or jump in our signature dance-based class. High impact movements are replaced with muscle-focused alternatives to protect your joints and maximize your results.

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