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Music and Mental Health for Everybody


Article by Shasta Ockerberg

Photography by Shasta Ockerberg

Treefort 2021, Boise Idaho— During "Music and Mental Health for Everybody," the Boise Hive Mental Team discussed with guest musicians on mental health and how it has impacted them during the COVID pandemic. When asked about why mental health isn't discussed enough, one musician said, "people turn to music to escape the general population that tries to appear normal, even though many people go their whole lives not dealing with their problems." Another followed up with, "guys are supposed to appear masculine, so it's harder for us to get help."

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Anne Padilla talking to the musicians. Photo: Shasta Ockerberg.

Asking for help is even harder for musicians. The guests touched on their thoughts about burdening others with our problems because they believe it's our job to figure it out. They also agreed that it's hard sharing our inner most feelings, and admitting we have a problem. All three guests confessed to being depressed sometime in their life, either now or in the past, and all have had an encounter with suicide. But even in the darkest of times, music has lent a hand of friendship. "Music isn't always positive," one musician said. "It hasn't always been great, but it's always been there for me. As long as you're committed to it, it will be there forever." 

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The musicians discussing mental health. Photo: Shasta Ockerberg.

Now, after almost two years of living in a pandemic, the musicians reflect on this experience, and what they're looking forward to.

"When [COVID] is done, people will be ready to go back to shows. We're very grateful for Treefort."

"I'll always be thankful for a gig these days."

"There are bad days but there are always good days. Stay strong, get help."

If you or a friend is struggling with suicide, please contact the Idaho Suicide Prevention Hotline at (800) 273-8255, which will be available as a new and easier-to-remember 3 digit number in 2022.

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