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The Artfort Gallery


Article by Brooke Robbins

Photography by Brooke Robbins

Treefort 2021, Boise Idaho — The Artfort galley is nested in LED. Guests were asked to take their shoes off to view the art pieces. With shoes left on the mat, guests were allowed to roam and view the artwork that was hung along a wall. Among the artists featured were Walter Gerald, Heather Tomlinson, and Critter- Chris Alvarez.

Walter Gerald is a multidisciplinary artist that uses unconventional forms of media to communicate myth and folklore. His piece in the gallery drew upon wild west imagery.

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Walter Gerald's painting. Photo: Brooke Robbins.

Heather Tomlinson’s focus is on clothing and fiber art. The work displayed in the gallery were intricate fiber pieces. One piece was fully black and white, with a little chaos mixed in. The other was full of muted, earthy colors organized like a cobblestone path.

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Heather Tomlinson’s fiber works. Photo: Brooke Robbins.

Critter- Chris Alvarez had the most work on display in the gallery. Critter is a multimedia artist that primarily focuses on portraiture. Critter’s works in the gallery ranged from pen on paper to paint on a skateboard.

Critter- Chris Alvarez's works on display. Photo: Brooke Robbins.

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