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Dear Hair Loss


Article by Kimberly Vaughn

Photography by Provided

Dear Hair Loss:

I am in my early 30s and I now wear hats every day. What are my options to have hair again and can it look natural?

Dear Mr. Hats, 

Thank you for sharing your story. Hair loss is a challenging subject for men no matter how old you are. The photos you shared confidentially illustrate a significant hair loss on the top and crown of your head. Treatment for advanced hair loss such as you are experiencing has limitations. However, we now have many more options than ever before! If you are considering a hair replacement to fully cover the scalp, Nashville offers many options for hair replacement studios. Another option to consider is Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) treatments. This is a tattoo-type procedure performed on the scalp to camouflage the bare skin, mimicking the look of a hair follicle. SMP is performed in sessions and can offer as much camouflage as needed. Either replacement or permanent camouflage are good options. Do your homework though! Ensure you have selected the best provider for your solution.

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