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Never Let Them See You Sweat

The Magic of miraDry

Article by Gerrish MedEsthetics

Photography by Gerrish MedEsthetics

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No Sweat – No Stress after miraDry @ Gerrish MedEsthetics

Dramatically reduce underarm sweat and odor. Permanent. Immediate. Non-Surgical

Unless you are working up a sweat at the gym, hiking the Grand Canyon or training for a mud run in the middle of an Arizona summer …. never let people see you sweat.

It might be true that sweat and sweating are a natural part of life. However, if you’re one of the millions out there who suffer from excessive sweating, also referred to as Hyperhidrosis, then sweating feels far from natural. It’s embarrassing and frustrating as it impacts many aspects of daily life. You know what we’re talking about if any of the following apply to you or someone you know:

  • You fear going out on a date because you’re afraid that your nerves will translate to huge sweat spots showing up under your arms (not to mention the odor that comes along with it).
  • The thought of giving a presentation in front of your coworkers brings dread because of your sweaty shirt or blouse that will likely steal the show.
  • You hate going to the gym because you know you’re going to leave a puddle of sweat on everything you touch.
  • You’re tired of marking up your favorite outfit with white, chalky deodorant marks.
  • You’re frustrated that nothing you try helps eliminate or reduce the odor or amount of sweat under your arms.
  • You don’t wear certain fabrics, like silk, because you know your sweat will ruin them.
  • You’re afraid to get up close and personal with anyone.

Can excessive sweating be treated?

Fortunately, there is an FDA-approved treatment that can help. miraDry is a non-invasive treatment used to permanently eliminate underarm odor and sweat glands. The results are immediate and permanent with the treatment time taking approximately one hour in the comfort of your doctor’s office.

How does miraDry work?

Through utilizing energy to target and destroy underarm odor and sweat glands, the miraDry system provides a permanent solution to excessive sweating. Once the glands are eliminated, they do not reappear, so you can rest easy knowing the treatment lasts forever. Results can vary between patients, but many achieve desired results in as little as one treatment.

Is the miraDry treatment right for you?

If you’re someone who has been diagnosed with Primary Axillary Hyperhidrosis, is embarrassed by underarm sweat, frustrated by underarm stains on shirts, wants to finally be free from underarm sweat, or is sick of feeling sticky throughout the day, then miraDry could be the perfect solution for you. It’s also great for those seeking a lifestyle free from toxins found in many skin care deodorants.

Imagine not having to worry about being embarrassed by underarm sweat or odor or never having to purchase deodorant ever again. Your sweat stops here.

Why trust Gerrish MedEsthetics?

#1 reason… Dr. Gerrish developed the miraDry Fresh & Numbing Protocol that is now used worldwide for maximum comfort and results.

At Gerrish MedEsthetics, your miraDry treatment will be under the care of acclaimed Dr. Scott Gerrish, in our state-of-the-art medical spa, where we follow the most stringent patient health and safety protocols. Our medical spa was established to offer an outstanding level of patient care, personalized attention, and results that will enhance your life.

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Real Patients Real Results

This is the first week of my life that I haven’t sweat under my arms

I was quite nervous about the procedure. The ladies and Dr. G answered all my questions honestly and put me at ease. This is the first week of my life that I haven’t sweat under my arms. I have done a couple of CrossFit sessions this week and was bone dry under my arms after the workouts. Can’t tell anyone how thankful I am. Money well spent! I would recommend this to anyone who has issues with underarm sweat. This procedure has already changed my life. Thanks to everyone at Bellini spa!

The procedure is one that the pain is extremely minimal, the recovery process is amazing in the second week the swelling began to disappear.

The result of the treatment is incredible, for me the result was 100% effective, surpassing the 70-80% that is estimated. It’s a unique experience and knowledge that I’m finally done with excessive sweating makes me feel sure of myself again.

I have no doubt that Dr. Gerrish’s Office was the best choice I could make. I confidently recommend miraDry and Dr. Gerrish 150%. - Michelle

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Imagine not having to worry about being embarrassed by underarm sweat or odor or never having to purchase deodorant ever again. The sweat stops here and now.

Contact Gerrish MedEsthetics today to schedule a private, no-pressure consultation to determine if miraDry is right for you. If you are ready to live a confident, comfortable, sweat-free life, call now for your private, no-pressure consultation with Dr. Gerrish.

North Scottsdale 480.651.8110 @Gerrish MedEsthetics  9831 E. Bell Road Scottdale, AZ 85260

**Note: Individual results may vary. miraDry is indicated for the treatment of primary axillary hyperhidrosis, or those bothered by their sweat.

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