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Article by Valerie Grimes, CHt

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What if YOU could operate like a Tesla?

  • To be sustainable
  • To be instinctive
  • To be a self-driven mechanism
  • To be sexy and desirable
  • To be of high value

How would your life change if you were more like a Tesla?

An old fable tells the tale of three gurus that were discussing where to hide the universe’s most valued treasure.

One suggested they hide it in the depths of the ocean because certainly humankind wouldn’t find it there…however they decided that humans could devise a way to explore the ocean depths so that would not be the best place.

The second guru suggested the top of the tallest and most treacherous mountain. They considered that but decided humankind was much too adventurous and curious.

The third and wisest guru suggested hiding the universe’s most valued treasure within the mind of the human for certainly that would be the safest place and it is…unless you know a hypnotist.

How to access the Tesla treasure within

Hypnosis is the tool to which those ready to access their own personal power can do so. With access to the other 90% of their brain, the subconscious, which is the driver or all behavior, a person can influence their behaviors naturally. Our behavior (which is subconscious) stems from our thoughts and feelings, also called imprints, these shape our behaviors when triggered by that initial imprint. The imprint was formed based on the thought and feeling and meaning assigned at that time. If a person from childhood is shy, then the likelihood of them experiencing shyness in adulthood is almost certain, unless they have access to the subconscious to transform the original experience of shyness. 

The secret is out hypnosis helps you gain access to that 90%.

Here is how Hypnosis can help you be like a Tesla:

To be sustainable

   Energy drives sustainability, if you feel low on energy that is perhaps physical but mostly mental. Clearing the mind can provide more physical energy and vice versa. Hypnosis is a process that clears mind clutter and finds improved ways of processing future incoming information.

To be instinctive

   Our instincts are built in but like something that isn’t used we tend to loose it. But we can find it because those instincts are still present. Hypnosis can assist in accessing them and making them the new automatic response. To be instinctive, it has to be automatic.

To be self-driven

   To be driven naturally from within makes life a breeze, as opposed to forcing action to make something happen. Force leads to exhaustion and then if things don’t go our way from all that action we can become resentful. Hypnosis implants the right desire and motivation to bring power to your purpose.

To be sexy and desirable

   Society has shaped a great deal of the way we experience our sexuality and how we project ourselves sexually, most don’t feel or see themselves as sexy or desirable without the right clothing, make up, shoes or even a car. Hypnosis provides a way to get in on the conversation going on subconsciously to find out what the subconscious knows about sex. Then we can transform counter productive beliefs and self-defeating habits and find pure bliss.

To be of high value

   To increase self-esteem means you more value yourself and then stop creating situations that devalue you. Shifting your value can also make you more desirable and sexy. Hypnosis offers a perspective on any situation and offers a way to change the meaning of a past event.

Modern Cars and Modern People for the Modern World

So think of the amazing ways your life will transform when you are driven internally and naturally in a powerful, positive and productive way.

And how fun to be sustainable, not rely on others, to be instinctive and be ahead of the curve, to be self driven and goal attainment is near, to be sexy and desirable adding to your already amazing confidence, and to value yourself immensely…that last one fixed everything.

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