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Why Gray Nutrition?


Article by Emily Mobley

Photography by Kalyn Morse

Did you know my son’s name is Grayson? That is a small reason why I named my business “Gray Nutrition”, but not the sole reason. The main driver for picking the name Gray Nutrition is because I truly believe nutrition is NEVER “black” and “white”. I have always felt my whole life came together with nutrition, exercise, and overall wellness when I learned how to sit within my “gray area”. 

Many people fail at losing weight, sticking to healthier habits, and being successful with their goals because they have the all or nothing mentality. You know the feeling of I have to be 110% perfect or I am failing? Do you tend to get a little food lax on the weekends? And then this happens: the negative self-talk leads to you sitting in a puddle of guilt and failure come Monday when you couldn't maintain your “perfection” on the weekend! Remember… perfection is for the birds and is not realistic or sustainable! 

I want to fill you in on what my “Gray Area” looks like:

When I can (because I too am busy like you!) … I will meal plan each week out with what I am going to do for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. If I don't have time to cook, I will buy what is easy to prepare to still move the needle. For example: bag salads with rotisserie chicken. 

I make an effort to think through my day before it starts in regards to what I am going to eat. For example, I log food in My Fitness Pal, write it in the note section of my phone, or just take a moment to think through my plan for the day.  

When in doubt I l use the “My Plate” model to create balance at meal times. This method involves prioritizing protein and veggies. This is especially helpful when I don't have control over my food choices. 

On busy days I remind myself that making small steps and doing something is better than nothing- even walking while on a phone call is progress! 

If I am going to plan on drinking alcohol or eating desserts, I make sure the rest of my meals that day are as on point as possible using the My plate model and prioritizing protein. 

If I completely fall off the bandwagon, I get back on track for the next meal or snack time. I don’t have two day off in a row! 

I try my best to eat until I am comfortably full vs uncomfortably full. 

I honor my hunger even if I have already eaten what I thought I should eat that day. 

The Gray Method is a place I can “live within” and keep myself at a healthy energy level, healthy metabolism, and healthy body composition. IT IS WHERE MY CONSISTENCY LIES! I will do these things for the rest of my life because they are easy and realistic for me! 

My question to you is... have you found your “Gray” area? If not, I want to invite you to join my Gray30 program. This course will finally help take you away from the “all” or “nothing” mentality and put you into a consistent nutrition plan that works for you and your lifestyle!

You can check out my program HERE!

Talk soon!