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Fearless Females

How women business owners are changing workplace dynamics through leadership

PAGE 1 - Shane Young

More than any other time in history, women are taking over. Female business owners are fearlessly running their own companies, some for decades, some newly taking the plunge. As the economy of Southern Nevada continues to diversify, we are seeing more “boss ladies” in a variety of industries, each making their mark and breaking stereotypes of what leadership used to look like.

“Authentic, relations-based, leading by example. I get in the trenches and expect the same from each of my team members,” said Shane Young, founder, owner and attorney and counselor at law at Young Law Group.

Young launched her Las Vegas based firm in 2017 after practicing law for more than a decade. Young said it’s the women in her family, including her two grandmothers who each raised eight children while running their own small businesses, who continue to be her role models today.

“We are a family business, and my family is what motivates me every day,” said Young. “I want to make sure that all of my employees enjoy the time they have with their loved ones and work in a way that is efficient, effective, and produces the highest results and service to our community.”

PAGE 2 - Kimberly Miles

Kimberly Miles, founder and president of TPC Payroll/HR Consultants, Nevada’s largest privately held national payroll and human resources management firm is celebrating its 20th anniversary and Miles credits her employees for her firm’s success.

“I count myself fortunate to work with a great team; because they go above and beyond for our clients, we continue to flourish.”

But it is the Miles-led values system at TPC that provides the foundation for prosperity.

“It is because of our commitment to our values that ‘our people make the difference’ that we’ve been so successful. I started this company to create a safe place for all our teammates to reach their highest financial potential while never experiencing the glass ceiling. We have a family-like culture with fair pay and benefits to compete with larger corporations. I believe that to create a better world, the #1 investment is to help humans. It is our social responsibility to give a hand up, to keep money in circulation locally, and to create better communities within our own economy. When we empower one another the true nature of our being shines. I found very early on that when the females rule the finances, they nurture the process the same way they do their own children. In turn money experiences growth.”

PAGE 3 - Shanna Kehoe

For some female leaders, they embrace the “boss” roles quite easily, for others, it takes a little getting used to.

“I don’t love being a boss. I think you have to almost prove yourself that you are capable of that role,” said Shanna Kehoe, a wealth advisor and managing partner of Diamond Wealth Management.

A University of Nevada Las Vegas graduate and a Las Vegas native, Kehoe says what she appreciates about her career is her ability to do what she loves while also raising her 10-year-old twins. She says being a woman, a wife, and mother all helped her to become the leader she is today.

“I think being a woman, we tend to listen a little more,” said Kehoe, whose business has a strong focus on providing financial advice to women. “We listen to people versus speaking over them. We notice things and we really take the time to understand their needs.”

PAGE 4 - Kari Comrov

Finding work/life balance is also an essential part of the business plan for Kari Comrov, president of TruFusion and founder and owner of a brand-new tanning spa concept called Summer House.

“True leadership is rooted in responsibility and accountability,” said Comrov. “My most important responsibility is to grow my team professionally, and through that hopefully personally as well.”

Comrov said it’s through her experience becoming pregnant right after she was promoted to chief operating officer at her former company, that she saw the kind of pressure women can put themselves through to “do it all.”

“I was so nervous that people would think I would not be able to keep up because I was pregnant. So, I worked until the minute I was in labor and then after giving birth to my daughter, I went back two weeks later. Now, looking back, I can see that all the concerns and worries were self-inflicted.”

Today, whenever one of Comrov’s employees is expecting, she assures them they are supported, and they should enjoy this special time knowing their job isn’t in jeopardy.

“It has always been important for me to set an example for my female counterparts and explain my story to them so they too can achieve whatever their goals may be,” said Comrov.

PAGE 5 - Tonya Gale

For business owner, Tonya Gale, who founded Epic Association Management in Las Vegas in 2014, she said her success in management is rooted in empathy which is a key trait for any leader, man, or woman, especially in her industry.

“Our company manages homeowner associations across Southern Nevada which includes some 7,300 homeowners,” said Gale. “Honestly, it’s a pretty thankless industry. You don’t often hear from people who are happy. You hear all the negative comments.”

Because of this, Gale is focused on making sure her staff receives constant support, starting with their work schedule. Gale tries to end the workweek at noon on Fridays and offers rotating Fridays off to employees who have been at the company for some time. 

“This is my way of giving back and thanking them for what they do day in and day out,” said Gale. “It allows them to have a life. We are a family in this office, and we love working with each other.”

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