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Fearless Females

Local women business owners share insights and reflections

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For this month’s “Ladies” issue, Henderson City Lifestyle highlights some impressive and inspiring women in your community. These ladies have seen major success in their respective industries, and they all own businesses right in your backyard. We asked these fearless females to share information on their own business and what advice or tips they have for others. Read on to learn more about your neighbors.

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Elizabeth Werner

Elizabeth Werner is the Owner and Managing Partner of Furniture Market.


Do you have a company motto?                

We are committed to being the leaders in contemporary design for the entire Southwest region of the U.S. and providing our clients with the highest level of personal service.


What products/services do you provide?

We are a fine furniture showroom representing more than 250 high-end vendors from around the world, so we have the resources to give every client a home that reflects their personal style.


What is the one piece of advice you wish you had known starting your career?

Work with a mentor within your industry to help you develop your focus and gain clarity in your company’s mission.


What are people most interested in knowing about you or your business?

People always ask us how we come to select and source such unique and exquisite products for our showrooms.

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Dr. Jessica Leduc

Dr. Jessica Leduc is the Co-Owner and Medical Director for Veristic Aesthetics.


What is your company motto?

Beauty is natural, and we want to keep it that way.

We specialize in procedures that maintain and restore your innate beauty. From the Latin word veritas, meaning "truth," a veristic approach to aesthetics focuses on using medical techniques to keep you looking your natural best.

What products/services do you provide?

We provide injectables such as neuromodulators (more commonly known as Botox) and dermal fillers. We use the Juvéderm family of fillers.

Why did you start your company or get into this type of work?

Mandy Griffin, PA-C and Co-Owner, and I practice Emergency Medicine here in Henderson and the Las Vegas Valley full time. Our specialty is physically and mentally intense. It is procedure-oriented, and our focus is on patient safety and healing the unwell. We both have a passion for wellness and anti-aging and have found that branching out into aesthetics felt natural. We respect human anatomy and are driven to be technically precise and marry that to our desire to tap into our artistic sides.

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Stacey Bledsoe

Stacey Bledsoe is the Owner of Sparkles Beauty Bar and was the gracious host of this feature’s photoshoot.


Do you have a company motto?

Making Vegas Sparkle

What products/services do you provide?

Blowouts, lashes, makeup, facials, extensions, color, and cuts.

Why did you start your company or get into this type of work?

My mom and I used to own high-end pet salons, and I used to be a customer of the previous owner of the salons, so I bought them during the pandemic.

What is the one thing you used to fear in your work that you don’t now, and why?

You always fear what if people don’t show up. But ladies in Vegas never disappoint.


What people most interested in learning about you or your business?

Our business is beauty, and we love to make people beautiful. Everyone is happy when they come to see us, and if all goes well, they look even better when they leave. We are a beauty bar, not just a salon. We see our customers multiple times a week; it is their place of relaxation. I think people are interested in making sure they are in a clean space with a talented stylist and in a fun atmosphere.

Also, we are opening new locations this year. We will be franchising outside of Nevada at the end of the year so we can provide affordable franchise opportunities to anyone interested in starting a business.

Morgana Moreno

Morgana Moreno is the Owner of Man Cave Salon, a family-owned men’s grooming lounge.

What products/services do you provide?

Our stylists provide high-quality haircuts, skin fades, grey blending, and waxing services. With every appointment, customers can enjoy a complimentary ice-cold beer. And we have a mix of local family-owned products.

Why did you start your company or get into this type of work?

I went to cosmetology school after high school focusing on women’s hair. Shortly after starting my career, I discovered my love for men’s hair. It was always a dream of mine to open a men’s salon and be my own boss.

What is the one thing you used to fear in your work that you don’t now, and why?

Failure. Naturally, we all fear failure. I don’t fear this anymore because I have built a wonderful team of dedicated professionals that I could ever ask for.  With all the challenges we faced in these tough times, together, we were able to build a very successful business. I also have overwhelming support from the community. I think when you build something with so much passion others feel it and adopt that same passion for your business. Word of mouth has been our biggest advertisement, we hear all the time from new clients how much their friend raved about our salon to them so they had to check us out.

What is one piece of advice you wish you had known starting your career?

Perfection doesn’t exist. I was always such a perfectionist and would stress so much if any detail about the salon wasn’t 100 percent perfect. This need was unrealistic and caused so much unnecessary stress.

What people most interested in learning about you or your business?

I started the build of my salon in early March of 2020, right as the pandemic peaked, and a few weeks later found out I was pregnant. The pandemic caused so many setbacks and made permits and other building challenges difficult. However, we overcame every hurdle and were able to open just a few short weeks after our goal opening. We were nervous about having a second shutdown and were challenged with 6 feet of distancing and trying to keep up with constantly changing regulations. Being pregnant was also an interesting challenge throughout it all!

After 3 short months of the store opening, I gave birth and took a short maternity leave. As a woman there are so many challenges that we face being a business owner and I seem to have taken on all those challenges and more and was able to push through.

I love telling my story and reminiscing on these past challenges in hopes of inspiring other women to follow their dreams.