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Fed by Foley

Savory & Sweet - Order Charcuterie Cups for Your Next Party Treat!

Fed by Foley is the perfect addition to any event! I was lucky enough to try the charCUPeries (charcuterie in a cup) at an event last month, as well as meet owner Jill Foley! These cups opened up my tastebuds to a whole new combination of cheeses, meats, and fruits that I didn't know I needed. The way the bite-sized brie cheese paired with the meat and cracker was so delicious, I now have a fridge stocked full of bite-sized mini brie cheeses!

Fed by Foley offers custom charcuterie with standard boards and different sizes, charCUPeries with traditional and kids options, and build-a-board workshop events. As a lifelong lover of snack time, Jill has made it her mission to eat all the cheese and is excited to share her love of snacking!  With 30+ years of experience with snacking, Fed by Foley was born in January 2022 to serve the board needs of the Pioneer Valley.  Reach out today to see how she can customize your order. All Fed by Foley Charcuterie boards are designed to be pretty on the eyes and enjoyable for the taste buds. Leveraging local products and the highest quality of meats and cheese allow for constant variety and rotation of flavors!

Contact Jill today at or through her website

  • Founder Jill Foley
  • Founder Jill Foley