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Women working out with women is a win-win at Delta Life Fitness

You're not alone! January new year's resolutions are a great place to start a fitness journey. We sat down with Hanna Green from Delta Life Fitness for some inspiration.

What do you suggest for a woman starting from zero fitness experience?

Consistency is key. We have many women of various fitness levels that can all tell you the same thing: You'll never regret coming in for a workout, but you will regret skipping one! Stay positive and don't give up! Keep your eyes on the prize and don't be too hard on yourself if you fall off track. If you have a day where your workout performance isn't up to your standards, don't beat yourself up about it! You still showed up for yourself and did the dang thing! 

How do you help clients set and keep to fitness goals? 

One thing that keeps our Delta ladies coming back is not only the fact that our workouts are interesting and engaging, but we have the most welcoming group of ladies that will keep in touch with each other and hold each other accountable.

When you join our studio, you are joining a community of women that are very similar to you. We all have goals of bettering our health and getting a killer workout in. 

Why does working out with women make sense for women?

When you take a Delta Life class, it is so much fun that you basically forget that you are even working out! Our studio is a judgement-free zone, the women who work out here experience a comfort level that you will not find at a regular male and female fitness concept. The moment you join a class, you will not only feel welcomed by the staff, but the ladies in the class will make you feel like you are already part of the family! Throughout the class of course your instructor will be hyping you up, but so will our members. 

Cardio, weight training and flexibility are all key components to fitness. Can you share a typical workout at Delta?

Delta classes are called Tone and Torch and will burn anywhere from 300-500+ calories in 30 minutes. Not only do they burn a ton of calories during the workout but Tone and Torch classes are broken into intervals of cardiovascular and strength training to maximize the afterburn effect. This is the formula for success whether you are looking to slim down or tone up. These short and effective workouts incorporate unique and functional exercises that make you love working out again. 

If you are a member for one year or five years, you will never experience the same workout. You will experience 500+ different exercises in the seven different timing formats. This workout program is all you need with three full body days, one lower body focused day, one upper body focused day and one core and stability focused day every week! The cardio (torching) exercises will help you hit that high calorie burn, while the strength (toning) exercises will make you stronger and more toned, so together this will get you more results in less time. 

Delta had a fabulous first year. What are your business goals for 2023?

Our business goals for the new year include introducing new programs and initiatives to our concept, to provide our ladies with additional resources to reach and exceed their fitness goals. We will also have a focus on retention and expansion, as well as establishing additional partnerships within our JC community.

Tell us about any community give-back you're doing.

We have many programs here at DLF that focus on community appreciation. Just last month we held a food drive for North Fulton Community Charities. This month we will be hosting a Holiday Market to support our local businesses and share them with our ladies and the JC community.  We are also hosting a Toys For Tots toy drive for the U.S Marine Corps. Bring an unwrapped toy and grab a free workout! We have a program called Young Women's Empowerment, which is a free 12 class membership for young girls 14-17. Our goal for our YWE program is to have young girls feel comfortable in a fitness environment and to encourage a healthy lifestyle earlier in life.


I'd like to give a shout-out to my assistant manager, Marybeth, who is so committed to DLF and a huge factor in the success of the studio. I would also like to shout out my right-hand- woman Maggie. Maggie's energy lights up the studio and is a huge source of motivation for our Delta ladies. 

I would like to thank the owner, who is my dad, Bill Green, for giving me the tools and advice that I needed to make DLF a success. He has been in the fitness industry for over 40 years and has been my mentor throughout this whole experience.    

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