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Feel-Good Flying

Be kind to your body when you travel (and always)

Travel can wreak havoc on the bod. Long flights, new food, the baking sun, windswept village streets, and days of exploring in a new time zone can take their toll on your skin and body. We asked Roswell health professionals to share their tips on easier and more comfy travel.

Brandi Rhodes
Owner, Nakedmind Yoga + Pilates

Before a flight, try a forward fold with bent knees which stretches out the hamstrings and lower back, so you don't get aches and knots during your flight. It's always good to get up and walk around on long international flights to keep your blood flowing. 

When I travel, I take along plenty of water, my laptop and of course, my daughter! My go-to protein bars are Go Macro or FitCrunch. For my 3-year-old, the keys to kids' happiness on flights are snacks and games! 

This summer, we’re heading to Disney World, Toronto, Tokyo and Watercolor on 30a! 

Shannon Renegar, owner, Bodybar Pilates Alpharetta + Roswell

1570 Holcomb Bridge Road, Suite 200, Roswell

I'd suggest a runner’s lunge and pigeon stretch before a flight to stretch out the hamstrings and open the hip flexors prior to sitting for hours in one position; and cobra, mermaid and door supported chest opener to open the body back up after a long flight and hauling luggage. The runner’s lunge stretch is great for hip flexors, quads and abs. You start facing front in a plank position on your hands and toes. Step one foot forward, in between your arms, then lift your chest to feel the stretch in the front of the straight leg. Step the foot back to meet the other foot in a plank position and repeat on the other side. The Pigeon Stretch is great for releasing tight glute and abductor muscles. To get into the Pigeon position, sit with your right leg bent at a right angle in front of you, leaning forward slightly on your hands. Extend your left leg straight behind you, keeping your hips squared. Hold the position, then switch legs.

I always travel with plenty of face and body moisturizer. We love Old Whaling Company’s body butter to counteract the dry air of the airplane. Plus, it smells delicious, and its beachy scents put you in the vacation zone before you even leave home. Aloha Bags are waterproof, packable bags that are great for strolling around your favorite city or farmers market, storing your dirty laundry or wet items, or for extra storage for all the "extra" treasures you found on your latest trip! A massage ball is easy to pack, and helps those achy areas like feet, shoulders and calves that come from traveling and walking.

As for snacks, I pack trail mix - a nice variety of heart healthy nuts and seeds, mixed with dried fruit for energy; water mixed with electrolytes to help with hydration; and vitamin C for immunity boost. 

Where to next?  The beach, any beach would work, but if we’re dreaming, let’s aim for the French Riviera!

Morgan Melnikov, operating owner wHydrate Roswell 

 To combat jet lag, our Super Infusion is tailored to provide hydration, electrolytes, and essential vitamins that can help alleviate the symptoms of jet lag, allowing you to feel more energized and refreshed upon arrival at your destination or upon returning from a long vacation.

Additionally, traveling often exposes us to new environments and potential pathogens, making it crucial to boost our immune systems beforehand. Our Immune Package Infusion is specifically designed to boost your immune system with a potent blend of vitamins and nutrients, helping to strengthen your body's natural defenses and minimize the risk of falling ill during your travels.  

When I travel, I carry my passport, a water bottle, and a portable charger. Plus, a bag of nuts, fruit and protein bars. This summer, I plan to go on a cross-country road trip with my boyfriend for our anniversary. We will go to National Parks across the U.S.! 

Ashley Corey, DO

Owner, medical director, injector at Wellspring Skincare

Get a facial before you fly, and drink plenty of water! Instead of make-up, wear a tinted moisturizing sunscreen which will protect and hydrate. We suggest Flex by Colorscience. It has just the right amount of tint with unbeatable mineral SPF 50. 

At Wellspring, we are excited about better formulations for today’s suncreens that focus on improving UV radiation protection and environmental sustainability. Make sure your product contains iron oxide to protect from the most harmful rays. 

Our top three facial sunscreen recommendations are Colorscience Flex (available in 4 shades) $54, Revision Intellishade $84, and Colorscience No-Show Mineral Sunscreen $45.

You can get your glow back after traveling by scheduling a Diamond Glow facial with Dermaplane. This is great for hydrating the skin and exfoliating after a vacation.

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  • Brandi Rhodes
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