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Feeling Fashionable at Ilene's Boutique

That perfect pair of jeans, favorite sweater or fashionable blazer that pulls it all together—wearing clothes that make you look good feels good too. Finding those special pieces to complement and complete your unique style is the forte of the style posse at Ilene’s Boutique in Westlake Village, where Ilene Stern and her dedicated team of stylists have been specializing in making their customers look and feel great for more than 31 years and counting!

“Ilene is like your fairy godmother! You walk in the store and get all dressed up, looking beautiful with amazing clothes and fashionable jewelry,” says Hannah Gross, 21, who recently discovered the wonders of Ilene’s Boutique.

Offering boutique clothing for every taste, style and personality, Ilene’s Boutique is a treasure trove of fashion, where the customer is Queen.

“We want to make you feel magical because when you look good, you feel good,” says Ilene, who aims to make every customer feel celebrated. “I share the happiness and goodness of making them feel like the shining star that they are,” says Ilene. “It’s all about them.”

Women of all ages shop at Ilene’s Boutique, counting on the expertise of the cadre of skilled stylists to help them look their best. From fancy and formal to business and casual wear—even pajamas—Ilene’s Boutique offers fashionable, top quality clothing to fit any style.

“It’s completely eclectic and offers a little of everything for all ages, including modern, basic and vintage jewelry too,” says stylist Joei Wilson, who has been at Ilene’s for 18 years and also worked at the famous Why Not? in Agoura. Believing that “it’s better to be looked over than overlooked,” Joei enjoys sharing her penchant for fashion and helping customers dress to impress.

“This is not a typical store, so there’s not a typical client—we have something for all ages and styles,” agrees longtime stylist Jackie Paul, noting that as style evolves, customers appreciate the experienced team’s fashion sense.

“Everything evolves—a person’s style, fit and fashion—and it’s good to change it up sometimes,” says Jackie, adding that “it’s important to listen to the customer” to learn about their needs and preferences in order to help them find exactly what they’re looking for.

“They are really good at finding things that you want to wear; they don’t push anything on you, instead they ask a few questions about your style and they find something I’m going to love,” says Hannah.

Ensuring her customers are “happy is the first priority,” says Ilene, who discovered her knack for fashion at a young age. “At 12, my mother would pick me up from school with all of her friends in the car, and we’d go shopping and I’d dress them,” Ilene laughs, flashing a heartwarming smile as her eyes sparkled at the memory.

“She knows my style more than I know my style,” says Robin Chesler, CVL publisher and a regular at Ilene’s. “You walk in and she makes you feel like you’re the only one in the store, like you’re a queen for the day!”

With daily shipments of new clothing and jewelry, Ilene’s Boutique is a fashionista’s candy store, where clients can easily spend hours exploring the impressive range of stylish, colorful racks of clothing, vintage handbags—including Louis Vuitton and Chanel—and unique jewelry.

Akin to a clothing museum, Ilene’s Boutique offers a safe space for women to shop and curate a wardrobe full of favorite, feel-good pieces culled from world-class designers.

Entering the store, customers step into a welcoming atmosphere sans glaring lights and blaring music found in typical clothing shops and are greeted with a friendly smile. Ilene and her longtime stylists—Joei, Jackie and Barbara Nielson—plus “new” girls Nancy, Gail and Lori, are eager to help customers put together a look they’ll love.

“They are very helpful and knowledgeable,” says Hannah. “I like that they are so down to Earth, but they’re not pretentious. They’re not trying to make you look like them—they make you look like you and you don’t feel judged or intimidated while shopping there. They are very skilled, and they even pulled out stuff they’d just gotten that day—it was perfect!”

From jewelry, purses, pajamas and hats to formal bling, tie dye dresses, t-shirts, jeans, blazers and everything in between, Ilene’s inventory is designed to “make you smile about the way you feel,” and many pieces can be dressed up or down, making it a breeze to go from day to evening.

Visit the style mavens at Ilene’s Boutique to find the perfect attire for any occasion. Fashion is a feeling and Ilene has a flair for making you feel fabulous!

Ilene’s Boutique is open Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Find them at 1145 Lindero Canyon Road in Westlake Village or call 805.373.6633 for more information.

  • Photo Credit: Hannah Gross