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Buh-bye Guilt, Shame, Restriction ... Hellloooo Sustainable, Forgiving Plans for Balanced Health

Article by Jill Clark

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Originally published in Loveland Lifestyle

As someone looking for a sustainable way to shed a few pounds, I was genuinely excited to talk to Registered Dietician Emily Mobley of Gray Nutrition. After our chat, I feel hope that there’s a peaceful middle ground where I can reach my goals without the guilt, shame and struggle. Are you interested? You should be, because this Gray story is great.

Like so many of us, Emily heard a lot about dieting as a child. She absorbed constant chatter from women around her about diets and ways to maintain a perfect body. Family, friends, marketing, media ... all planted seeds that seemed to be absolute truths: Eating less is a win. Skipping meals is good. The less you eat, the better. The more exercise, the better. Emily got the messages loud and clear—and fully bought into them. 

Getting into a swimsuit with her junior high classmates to get in the pool was a defining moment. Emily recalls that’s when she really started to care about what her body looked like. Unfortunately, those self-conscious feelings, paired with everything she had heard, led her to start drinking weight-loss shakes as early as 8th grade. A struggle with chronic dieting was set in motion.

Ongoing attempts to control her weight were frustrating—they never led to the lasting results she wanted. “I had a terrible relationship with food, with constantly fluctuating weight,” Emily remembers. “Worse, I felt like I couldn’t enjoy life like everyone around me—eating the food, drinking the wine, and truly living in the moment.” 

Emily eventually hit her breaking point and realized she needed to make a change. “Long story short, this led me on a path to transform my health by learning how nutrition, body composition and metabolism work. I went to school for Medical Dietetics … decided to make it my life’s mission to help other women break free from the crash diet mentality—and Gray Nutrition was born. Now I teach women how to transform their meals, metabolism and mindset the right way so they never have to invest in another diet program again.” No more diets? I told you this was great.

Through her business, Emily has been able to help women from all over the country through one-on-one virtual coaching and her signature course. “Over the last six years, I’ve been able to help thousands of women get out of that perpetual diet cycle by transforming their meals, metabolism and mindset. I get to not only allow them to feel their best self with my Gray Method—but they get their life back.”

What’s So Different About The Gray Method?
I’m glad you asked. Emily’s program provides a customized plan that flexes around real life and emphasizes balance over restriction. “There’s not that fear of messing up. I empower women to make better choices based on science,” she says. “They learn the reasons behind what they’re doing. I provide simple strategies that keep them consistent.”

Emily points out that her clients eat like normal people. “They enjoy dessert with their family or a glass of wine with their girlfriends—and still get results.” The Gray Method doesn’t force lifestyles to fit a diet and exercise plan. Instead, by educating her clients and working with their lifestyles to come up with a strategy, Emily watches the lightbulbs come on. “When they learn how to balance their eating around their own real-life scenarios, that’s when they see sustainable, long-term results.” 

Emily’s clients eat like normal people. “They enjoy dessert with their family or a glass of wine with their girlfriends—and still get results.”


Shift That Mindset
“Walk away from the notion that the less you eat and the more you exercise, the better … it’s actually unhealthy.”

Protein: Your New BFF
“Eat protein at each meal and snack time. You’ll be shocked by your energy. Greek yogurt, chicken, fish, cottage cheese, and dry-roasted edamame are all good. Eggs, too.”

Balance Your Week
“Treat your week the same as your weekend! Learn how to fit ‘fun’ foods in during the week—have the glass of wine on Tuesday, eat that cookie on Wednesday …” 

working with Gray Nutrition

The Gray Way 1:1 Coaching
You’ll work with Emily for 12 weeks, getting personalized one-on-one support. You’ll find what she calls your “Gray area,” figure out what works for your lifestyle, and together you’ll formulate a plan tailored to you. Daily text messaging with Emily keeps you on track and helps you figure out how to structure your days. She’ll meet you wherever you are and figure out your next step. The most common feedback she gets? “This is so much easier than I thought it would be! It’s not so restrictive and stressful.” 

What to Expect

  • Know exactly how to move the needle for results
  • Know how to eat to get energy and mitigate cravings
  • Feel satisfied after mealtime vs starving
  • Have a better relationship with food 
  • Know how to navigate vacations, parties, date nights—still eating “fun” food while seeing results
  • No longer live by the scale because you know how metabolism and body composition actually work
  • Get a solid nutrition plan that fits YOUR lifestyle

The Gray30 Course
For those ready to take more of a DIY approach, Mobley’s course will teach you to build a foundation for healthy habits. You’ll get the basics to put you on a path to reach your goals. 

Get started at (Pro tip: There’s a freebie guide you’re gonna want there!)

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