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Feeling the Beat

Stayin' Alive Dance Crew

At a busy gym nearby, members are pumping iron, taking stress-relieving yoga classes and doing what it takes to keep their bodies healthy.  Behind the glass windows in one studio are senior women, bedecked in workout gear, skimming across the floor to “You Should be Dancing." 

This is the Stayin' Alive Dance Crew, a group made up of spirited and spry women in their 50s, 60s and 70s. They can hip-hop, get their groove on and, yes, they are having the time of their lives. 

"We start off by warming up to the hits we grew up on and it brings back great memories," says Janette Hinton, one of three co-directors of the group who leads warm-up. "We try to mix our routines with current pop hits and remixes of some oldies. The music selection is a huge part of our routines."

And so is the dancing. Their numbers are heavy on intricate arm moves and the steps, also complex, are knitted together with precision. At first, for dancer Connie Korb, 67, the memorization was demanding. “Thank God for videos,” she says. “I practice at my home. While I am dancing, I am very focused. I listen to the music and watch the instructional videos that are provided. It also keeps my mind sharp to remember all the choreography."  

The Stayin' Alive Dance Crew, which began four years ago, rehearses twice a week and has 43 members. They are a non-profit organization that donates their time and talent to performances all over Atlanta - giving back to the community that has given them so much over the years. Last year, they participated in all the local Halloween and holiday season events in Atlanta, including the Little Five Points Halloween parade, Scare on the Square at Colony Square, Children's Healthcare of Atlanta's New Holiday Traditions, Festival of Trees, Christmas at Piedmont, and many more.  

The group features cancer survivors, one living with MS, teachers, an assistant principal, a veterinarian, nurses, dance and exercise studio owners. Performances have included: senior homes, charitable events, fundraising galas, professional sporting events, dance conventions, parades, and talent competitions. There are two groups: Mega and Crew. Mega is the beginner/intermediate group and practices once a week. Crew is the intermediate/advanced group. They practice two times a week with added rehearsals if needed with up to four performances a month. Auditions are on January 8, where ladies will learn a combination and then perform it for judges.