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Ferguson Showrooms: Your Home Away From Home

Ferguson Showrooms offers a one-stop shop for your home renovation, redesign, and more.

There is an Irish blessing that goes, “May your home always be too small to hold all of your friends”. While many are not currently having all of their friends over, our spaces can still feel quite full these days with working from home, online learning, and spending a majority of our leisure time within the same four walls. The new at-home routine finds us staring at the same spaces and makes 2021 the perfect time to build new or tackle a major remodel. The exciting part is the possibilities are endless. The daunting part is, well, the possibilities are endless.

          Many builders, contractors, interior designers, and architects have found an oasis during what can be a complex process at Ferguson Showrooms. Ferguson Showrooms has been around since 2009, and unlike many other single-product stores, offers a comprehensive array of choices for kitchens, lighting, plumbing, appliances, and more.

Sales Manager Paul Hable and Showroom Manager Melissa Kapla explain Ferguson Showrooms showcase what is possible. They are able to show clients “wow pieces” that push the envelope on what can be done, and not necessarily what customers expect to see. Complete vignettes and a large variety of styles are on display offering inspirational and aspirational examples. Hable says, “We can do cool and groovy or we can do timeless. It’s the customer’s sanctuary and we are happy to help them achieve their desired outcome.”

Ferguson staff have recently seen customers thoughtfully rethink their spaces and how they use them. They have clients choosing to revamp kitchens, design home offices, create playrooms, flex rooms, workout areas, and study spaces understanding their needs have changed and these spaces will be valuable both in the short and long term.

Sandra Mahoney, founder at Create Home, concurs, “We have more clients than ever wanting to create and re-create their spaces with exceptional design, and more than ever that means spaces need to function, not just look pretty.” She has personally worked with Ferguson for over twelve years and values their expertise making them a ‘go-to’ for consultations. “Ferguson’s consultants know their product lines and they do an excellent job comparing items, providing direction, and explaining features. The attention to detail shows how much their staff cares and I certainly appreciate that they make my job so much easier.”

After a homeowner commits to changing a space or creating a new one, what is the first step on the decision tree? Hable says, “We encourage customers to go online at for a first look. They can sort out some base selections and have a more refined consultation process when they come to the showroom.”  While digital images are helpful, there is nothing quite like seeing the choices in person.

The showroom itself is constantly being updated. Given the current dynamic, the timing couldn’t be better for Ferguson to be doing a bit of remodeling of their own. During a visit to their Golden Valley location, it was evident extensive new bathroom and kitchen footprints were receiving their finishing touches. The lighting gallery is a stunner all on its own. Often referred to as the “jewelry” of the room, there are sconces and vanity fixtures and showstopping chandeliers to consider.

Builder Todd Simning with ADOR Bespoke homes appreciates Ferguson Showrooms because homeowners are able to make their selections so efficiently. “What the consumer likes overall is fewer shopping trips. People’s time is short and they are busy. The more they can accomplish in one location, the better.” Simning also notes that Ferguson serves all types of clients. “Every builder does things differently. Personally, I listen carefully to what clients really want in their home. I give them allowances to accomplish what they want and when they go to Ferguson they have a lot of choices of products that they can actually utilize. They have a wide range of price points. They have been able to gain market share by offering options that are stylish but still cost-effective as well as higher-end brands.”

Kapla, a product specialist, says trends in lighting and fixtures change rapidly. She sees trends veering away from the monochrome toward splashes of color. Their current catalog features bold and cheerful colors in appliances, freestanding tubs, and unique dining room chandeliers. She sees clients embracing greens, golds, and blues. Colors of both luxury but also comfort.

As we round the bend to spring, there will be opportunities to claim outdoor spaces as well. Customers can find exterior lighting and appliances for outdoor cooking and outdoor refrigeration. Ferguson offers everyone the opportunity to create a unique, personal haven at home and perhaps prepare it for when it will soon be filled with all of our friends.

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