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Festive Tips: #SOFU Style

fes·tive (adjective): Cheerful and Jovially Celebratory

Article by Rhonda Hudson, South’s Protocol Specialist

Photography by Markus Spiske

Originally published in SOFU Lifestyle

As we prepare for this festive season with family and friends, let’s not overlook the obvious. The holidays are exciting times filled with office parties, visiting family and friends, shopping for the perfect gifts, eating favorite foods, and taking some much-needed time off from work. Conversely, the holidays can also bring fatigue, loneliness and overspending, leaving many feeling not so festive during a time meant to serve as a “pause” to rejuvenate and get off the grid to relax and restore.  

In order to maximize time and remain cheerful and jovial this season, here are a few Treasure Tips to store under the tree to serve as reminders to enjoy the festive season in true #SOFU style: 

Holiday gatherings make the season bright. When hosting a dinner party or event and guests ask, “What shall I bring?” please ask them to bring a smile and good cheer! Festive events start with positive attitudes and good vibes. Preplanning takes the drudgery and stress out of hosting. Start by pre-cleaning your home, including carpets, windows, etc., a month in advance and create menus and guest lists with celebratory expectations!

Travel plans can be somewhat of a conundrum if not properly planned. Schedule flights well in advance to book outside of peak traveling hours and make technology work for you. Download boarding passes to your smartphone wallet and create apps for your airline and rental car company to ensure receipts of notification of cancellation alerts and delays. And for good measure, pack your patience and remember, it’s the holidays! 

Down time is the perfect opportunity to practice “mindfulness” and take both cheerful and jovial seriously. Self-care is paramount. Treat yourself this holiday season with a massage, a good book and a “day” nap! In the spirit of the season, check in on neighbors, coworkers and those less fortunate who may not have family connections in town and share the southern hospitality.

Rhonda G. Hudson is the Executive Director of The Treasure Box School of Etiquette. Visit them at

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