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What I'm Changing

IN 2024

Article by Emily Mobley

Photography by Amanda Donaho

Gosh! Last year was tough for me… I went from my business just having 3 people working for it to 8 people! You know what happens when you hire more people? Your expenses go wayyyyyy up. Yep, learned that the hard way! Especially in a year of inflation, economic hardship, and Instagram becoming so incredibly saturated with coaching businesses like mine. 

Not the best decision, Emily. 

Just want to be transparent that my goal last year was to grow within the Cincinnati area, hire more people, get more of my time back, and reach more people over Instagram, and continue to expand Gray Nutrition. I saw a glimpse of this last summer and all the efforts + money invested… however… Q4 lets say did not go as planned. 

I had to make a hard decision. I had to start cutting expenses in my business to be able to afford it again. I had to put back in more of my time to coaching, I had to eliminate some community efforts, I had to let go of some people, I had to PIVOT. 

Here’s the thing… I am telling you this because sometimes you start out in one direction with a strategy to reach a goal and it feels like you are doing “all the right things” ... and truly you could be! HOWEVER, maybe it's just not working for you. This doesn’t mean you are a lost cause, and you need to give up. This just means you need to PIVOT your method to something different. And the cool thing about this? There are a million ways to do it! 

So, if you are sitting there and thinking… my body is broken… I am going to weigh the same forever… nothing works for me… I want to invite you today to sign up for a Jumpstart Coaching Call with ME. I have spent the last 8 years in private practice coaching 1000s of clients who have felt the same as you. And you know what? We always find a solution! 

The best investment I have ever made is hiring an expert to help me strategize and think of different ways to get to my goal. I want to be that for you too! 

You can sign up for a Jumpstart Coaching Call with ME by going HERE. I am opening 5 slots over the next month! Snag one now! 


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