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Timeless Aging with Francienne Grantsaris

Francienne Grantsaris has found her passion in providing products and services that better our overall health, inside and out. She offers many restorative practices, and also provides education on how to maintain balance and natural character through non-invasive therapies and consistent skin care regimens. Francienne recommends considering these two points of interest when exploring self care:

  • Personalize medical practice to help those overcome chronic disease and optimize health. 
  • Evaluate lifestyle, hormone balance, and immune function to tailor an approach based on your body's needs. 

By looking deeper at advanced biomarkers such as gut health, key nutrients, and genetics this approach allows us to take care of individuals to live better, longer.

We focus on preventative and regenerative therapies to improve and maintain quality of life using bioidentical hormone therapies, peptides, IV ozone therapy to reduce inflammation, weight loss treatments, in collaboration with a functional medicine health coach, neurofeedback therapist, and/or personal trainings focusing on strength improvement and functional mobility. We also offer skin anti-aging therapies focusing on improving skin texture, integrity, and tightening using our radiofrequency microneedling, paired with our intense pulse light therapy, in addition to collagen biostimulators for a natural aging process.

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