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Financial Fitness in the New Year

Getting in Shape with The Dally Group

Creating a strong and sustainable financial plan is crucial for achieving long-term growth, like maintaining good health through a balanced diet and regular exercise. However, developing good financial habits requires effort and discipline; no quick fix or magic solution exists. Fortunately, advanced markets specialist Jonathan Dally is here to offer expert guidance on achieving financial fitness in the new year.

Jonathan understands everyone wants financial security, but this must be achieved over time. Building a solid financial plan, like getting physically fit, takes time and dedication.  “Waiting until you’re 60 to strengthen your financial plan can limit your options and suffocate your buying power,” Jonathan explains. “Start early and contribute often, like 20 minutes in the gym, build good habits, and instead of expecting to be wealthy tomorrow, you can establish and guarantee wealth for generations.”

Delaying financial planning can lead to negative outcomes, just as waiting too long to start exercising can result in poor health. Jonathan stresses the importance of building life insurance to protect your loved ones during his appearance on The Brand Artisan podcast with Aaron Swart of Short Pump City Lifestyle and Naylor Taliaferro of LCR Media. You can listen to this podcast on Spotify, Apple, Amazon Music, or Google Play by checking out episode 15 of The Brand Artisan podcast.

To learn how The Dally Group can help you create a lasting legacy, visit their website at or call (804) 840-7333.