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Explore best route to get moving in the New Year

The New Year ushers in a blank slate for success. We look at the untouched landscape of January with fresh eyes and an optimism that sparkles like a fresh blanket of snow. For many, it’s the prospect of a more active lifestyle – and sticking to it. Fitness resolutions can be kept, but the trick is to establish the right ones and make them realistic and achievable. Here's a round-up of fitness avenues in the area to try.

Jazzercise Mount Clemens 

With seven different instructors and classes offered both in the mornings and evenings, Jazzercise is a combination of aerobic exercise, HIIT cardio and dance that is perfect for anyone. Owner Rebecca Anconetani, an instructor herself, says jazzercise is boutique fitness – smaller and person-oriented. Moves can be adapted to each individual’s ability and endurance, which builds after only a few weeks. “One of my favorite things is that it's for all levels and ages. One person can do the same song at low impact and the person next to her is at high intensity,” says Rebecca. Each workout is full body-based, isolating the arms, legs and glutes, and led by an instructor. A live stream is also available for those who can’t make it in. Jazzercise also focuses on community building. There are opportunities before, during and after for members to form friendships or, Rebecca says, you can get a workout in and head home. For more information on classes and times at Jazzercise Mount Clemens, call (586) 307-5299 or visit https://www.jazzercise.com/location/jazzercise-mt-clemens.

CrossFit Platoon 

CrossFit mixes up intense exercises that work your body in different ways so you can become stronger, more flexible and better coordinated. And whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or just starting out, these workouts can be tailored to anyone. Mike Novak, owner of CrossFit Platoon in Clinton Township, says the workouts are constantly varied and begin with a strength session followed by the workout of the day. WODs feature a balance of gymnastics, cardio and weight lifting. Hour-long classes can end with core work or even yoga and stretching. What he sees the most success from is the community aspect of CrossFit. “You’re always with a group of like-minded people trying to better their health,” says Mike, and often with a decades-wide age gap. “You get that encouragement, motivation and accountability.” For years, he worked out alone – at a gym and while running marathons – but quickly fell in love with how CrossFit pushes you to compete with both yourself and others at the same time. It’s also a smart financial investment long-term; the cost of a session or two with a personal trainer is equivalent to months’ worth of sessions at a CrossFit gym. You can call CrossFit Platoon at  (586) 222-8454 or follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

Bodhi Seed Yoga 

Yoga has been around for centuries, and it's no wonder why. This form of fitness offers benefits for people of all ages, and you don't need any experience to get started. Daniel Carpenter, owner and instructor of Bodhi Seed Yoga in Mount Clemens, says yoga is a great way to get your body moving and improve flexibility. “It’s a good compliment to other physical activities, especially runners, whose bodies are strong, but get tight,” he says. A gentle class at his studio helps those just beginning a fitness regimen to move joints and maintain mobility. Because yoga emphasizes breathing, it's also one of the best methods of relaxation. The studio is often a destination for people searching for stress relief. To find class schedules or for more information, visit https://bodhiseedyoga.com or call (586) 496-9642.

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