Find Zen in Your New Sunroom

Homes that offer a sitting area where a space can be designed to unwind, relax, and take in the sun are wellness havens. Barbara Elliott, principal designer at The Sisters and Company located in Stone Mountain, provided her client with a “zen-ful”-designed sunroom that brought the outdoors inside. The furnishings are wrapped in natural wicker textures, the artwork exudes a beautiful abstract ocean design, and the walls are finished in Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray. This sunroom is a great place to retreat for the soul to relax, sit back, and reflect on the day. 

The Sisters and Company is owned by sisters, Barbara and Jennifer “B&J,” who uphold an ALL-WOMAN design firm that curates luxury interior design in the Metro Atlanta area. Twenty-six years ago, they formed plans to start a new venture in design and have made their mark since. The Sisters and Company have designed over 1,000 residential spaces, hold the title of being No. 1 nationwide in sales, and have multiple Dream Room awards within the Decorating Den franchise. They are also featured in top design publications nationwide.

With deep roots in the Atlanta community, they share the same work ethic and commit themselves to their design spaces with an infusion of color and dynamic design elements. Their fantastic talent and excellent reputation make the design process exciting, distinctive, custom, and enjoyable for each project to be tailored and specific to the needs and desires of each client. This design firm curates designs that hybrid distinctive motifs, colors, and prints. This formulates the “big reveal” for each design project, creating a new threshold for newly designed homes enjoyed by clients with a unique aesthetic.

The Sisters and Company have proven themselves leaders in the industry and have set themselves apart as go-to luxury designers for clients seeking top-quality design services.

Instagram: @Thesistersnco

Facebook: The Sisters and Company - Decorating Den Interiors 

Website: Thesistersnco.com

Address: 917 Main Street, Stone Mountain, GA 30087

Contact: (770) 498-7780

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