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Finding a Home 'Fur' the Holidays

Lulu's Journey Home

Q&A with Dan LaLonde

What made you decide to adopt little LuLu?
We had a dog named cocoa who worked at our jewelry store for 11 years, and she passed away six months ago. We saw how much joy the little dog brought to our customers. The adoption center said that they might come across a dog and would we be interested if a dog came about. So little LuLu came about and my wife Cindy and I went and looked at her and we decided that that would be a good fit and she seems to be just perfect for the job.

How did you come up with her name?
For years I lived in Honolulu, Hawaii and I always thought to myself that I would name an
animal I had LuLu and I never had the chance and this was my chance.

How has her transition been?
She was a little gun shy when she first came. We’ve had her a few weeks now and she’s
adjusted well. Every day my wife and I say she’s caught on to that now; she’s learned fast. So
she seems to be adjusting real well!

Would you recommend the Grosse Pointe Animal Adoption Society?
They did a great job for us and they found the perfect fit for us! There is a home for everyone, so if you let them know what you’re looking for, they’re real adept at figuring out what you’re looking for and that this would be a good fit.

Did you foster Lulu first?
We fostered her for a matter of four or five days; she was just a joy to be around and she quickly
learned her new surroundings. Once everything was put in order, we were able to claim her as
our own and name her who we wanted to and now she’s ours!


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