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Finding a Sense of Rejuvenation and Youth

Local Doctor Helps Patients Look and Feel Better Than Ever

When Dr. Amy Chow began exploring rejuvenation and cosmetic procedures about 10 years ago, it seemed like an unlikely career move. To date, she has been a practicing anesthesiologist for 20 years, and rejuvenation is a completely unrelated field. Yet it captured her interest as a physician, and she began training.

After growing her expertise and knowledge, four years ago she was able to switch to part-time in her role as an anesthesiologist. With this transition she was able to open her own rejuvenation business in Lee’s Summit. Today, she offers services such as botox, microneedling, chemical peel, platelet-rich plasma therapy, fillers, bioidentical hormone therapy, laser hair removal, cellulite treatment and more.

“It’s really rewarding because it helps patients look better, feel better and be more confident,” Dr. Chow says. “You can see the dramatic changes—we have people just transform.”

Other services she provides include Fotona 4D, Nightlaser, TightSculpting and CoolSculpting procedures. 

Fotona 4D is a series of non-invasive laser treatments to both the exterior facial and interior oral cavity that assist with the tightening and volume of the skin. Nightlaser helps treat snoring by using laser energy to heat the tissues of the airway that cause the breathing issues. 

TightSculpting combines skin tightening and sculpting into one procedure using a laser to heat and target tissue, and this results in body tightening and cellulite reduction. CoolSculpting helps decreased unwanted fat to regain body shape in areas such as the chin, arm, abdomen, flank and thigh. 

Dr. Chow also works extensively with bioidentical hormone therapy for both men and women, which helps patients look and feel younger, have increased mental focus, more energy and decreased body fat among other benefits.

“I call hormones the fountain of youth,” Dr. Chow says.

Rick and Debbie Howard began seeing Dr. Chow for hormone therapy after Rick had extensive heart surgeries and Debbie struggled with energy, focus and aches and pains after returning to work post-retirement. Both have experienced dramatic changes in their energy, function and quality of life after seeing Dr. Chow.

“She looks at the whole picture, and she also studies you yourself because what’s good for you might not be good for someone else,” Debbie says. 

Overall, through all her work Dr. Chow says she often see patients look 10 to 20 years younger. At 65, Debbie says she feels like she is 40 again, and Rick has been able to recover from his surgeries and resume his life with the hormonal regulation. Debbie says she appreciates seeing a medical doctor for the treatments and that Dr. Chow follows up with monitoring and bloodwork. 

In the future, Dr. Chow would like to grow her practice, hire a few nurses and a physician’s assistant, and expand her offerings to vein management and hair transplants.