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Finding Beauty and Serenity

At SKIN Med Spa and Laser

Tired of being badgered to buy their beauty products? Tired of seeing a different aesthetician each visit? Tired of mediocre results? Then, meet Romana (Roma) Mehar and her experienced and consistent staff at SKIN Med Spa & Laser at 8951 Collin McKinney Parkway, Suite 704 in McKinney. You will find it no wonder why they have consistently gained 5-star ratings in their first year of business, which has mainly grown due to word-of-mouth.

Balancing her life between her husband, Dia ( her driving force to push her beyond her comfort zone), her two 8th- and 6th-grade daughters and one son in the fifth grade, Roma opened her spa a year ago and has created such success she will be opening a second in Lewisville in January. Roma is very proud of her kids as they are very involved in community services. Oh, let’s not forget she also has to deal with a serial killer parakeet, who seems to be extremely happy after killing all of its “roomies”. Oh, well, every family has to have a black sheep in its midst—or, in this case, a bird.

Dia obviously saw Roma’s appreciation for treatments, which after going to get a facial at a spa, she said, "Wow, what a fun thing to do!” Roma has been an RN for 19 years and having worked in rehab, home health, hospices and hospitals, she says she is a “senior care specialist” as a work of the heart. With that experience, she even started treating herself with lasers. So, with her husband’s encouragement, Roma decided to create not a walk-in/walk-out environment in a spa, but something truly special.

She envisioned a boutique spa with a specific, steady staff so she could deliver consistency in treatments for her clients. The attitude of the spa is to work with the client with both their goals and budget in mind. You will not have any pressure to buy products. All of her technicians have multiple years of experience and, when needed, they and the patient consult with Roma for her nursing experience. 

Roma states, “We are proud of our relationships with our clients. We want all of our clients to know they can trust us to keep it real”. Also, having worked, especially in highly regulated hospices, Roma has transferred that respect of regulations and regimen to the spa. A nurse practitioner gives all of their full-strength Botox injections. Want a B-12 injection? Roma may deliver that herself. Also, the Medical Director routinely visits the spa multiple times weekly.

So, if you are looking for a beautiful place to receive consistent med spa treatments, visit SKIN Med Spa and Lasers and find out what consistency without pressure can be. To learn more or make an appointment visit

  •  Romana Mehar, RN, Clinical Director