Finding Forever Homes

Humane Society: Providing a Second Chance for Any Domestic Animal

Humans are a relational bunch.

Introverted or extroverted, our lives are largely centered around social interaction.

This is similar with other animal groups, as well. It has been evidenced that other mammals are capable of experiencing emotions, similar to those we experience as humans. Things like attachment, empathy and theory of mind have all been documented in animals.

So, if you ever find yourself wondering what your dog is thinking about, he might be wondering the same about you.

Pets Offer Big Benefits

The benefits of owning a pet are documented, too. Things like decreasing stress and improving heart health are among those benefits. Mentally, owning a pet can reduce feelings of loneliness, provide a mood boost and give feelings of social support. Owning a pet has also been documented to aid in child development. The act of caring for this animal strengthens the bond and oftentimes, the caregiving becomes a mutual act.

Many pet-owners don’t need to see the research to be convinced. From sharing experiences to appearing in family photos, pets are oftentimes an extension of the family unit.

Pet-Friendly Community

Colorado Springs is a pet-friendly environment. It is common to walk around downtown and many of the shops have water bowls outside or treats available for pets accompanying their patrons. There are plenty of opportunities to be outside, and pets can make good adventure buddies.

Here in Southern Colorado, the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region (HSPPR) knows just how important having a pet can be to a person or family. They have made it their mission to care for and find forever homes for the less fortunate or vulnerable animals in this area.

Founded in 1949, HSPPR has had a few years to learn about the symbiotic relationship between animal welfare and the surrounding community. Socially conscious animal welfare is comprised of compassion, transparency and education regarding the care and respect of vulnerable animals. Placing every healthy and safe animal, considering health and wellness and working to alleviate suffering are among the pillars of this movement.

Open-Admission Shelter

HSPPR is unique in that they are an open-admission shelter and will accept any domestic animal that comes through the doors. Really, none are turned away. This includes reptiles, fish, birds, small and large mammals alike – they are all offered a chance at HSPPR.   

As a local independent non-profit organization, they are not affiliated with larger national organizations and rely on donations to fund their animal welfare-focused work. Part of this work is providing community support for pet owners. Licensing and affordable care to animals are perhaps the most visible. Their website also provides links to behavioral resources as well as a way to contact Animal Law Enforcement.

HSPPR hopes they are your first choice when it comes time to look for a new member of the family – there is no other love like that of an animal who has been given a second chance. Take a peek at their website – it's sure to bring a smile to your face. 

If you are not currently looking to add to the ranks, but want to support the mission, HSPPR offers ways to get involved through donations of time, talent and resources. 

Website: hsppr.org
Facebook: @humanesocietypikespeakregion
Instagram: @humanesocietypikespeak

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