Honoring the Wonder of Women

Stories from three women who know, and love

Honoring Style

I’m proud to say I will be turning 65 this month. I want to define age, not defy it. I want to banish the myth that a woman is perceived by her age. After I retired a few years ago, I reinvented myself by creating my blog. Our attitude is what keeps us living vibrantly, so cheers to the Golden Years!

My husband and I look forward to celebrating our 42nd wedding anniversary this October, when we will also be welcoming our ninth grandchild! We resided in Naples off and on for 16 years before permanently calling Naples home about three years ago.  At the urging of my kids, I started a lifestyle blog toasting ageless style. I enjoy sharing fashion inspiration, recipes, beauty finds and activities to do with your grandchildren through my blog and Instagram.

This season’s can’t miss style is a maxi dress which will provide you an ultra-femme allure and leave you feeling  both modern and romantic. There are so many fun ways to dress it up or down. Love an effortless, versatile piece. And a chic lightweight dress can transition you from lunch with girlfriends by the beach to shopping on 5th and ending with enjoying cocktails for happy hour.

In general, this style has a relaxed bohemian feel. We started seeing longer-length dresses around the ’70s when designer Oscar de la Renta wanted to find a dress style that women all over the world could wear.

Always remember to wear what you are comfortable with because it’s just fashion until you own it, then it becomes your personal style.

Nancy Weiss

Honoring Art

In my work at Emillions Art I have the privilege of working with so many amazing female artists, but I especially love it when I can build relationships with artists based here in Naples, like Elaine Murphy.

When Elaine was growing up in Dublin Ireland, her grandfather asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up, and she replied “an artist”." For me when I see Elaine’s work and hear her talk about her art it’s evident to me that this is her life's passion.

With a 30-year career as an artist, she’s explored working in fashion, jewelry design and abstract and figurative art and developed her own unique style along the way. Her attention to detail and craftsmanship is beyond reproach in everything she does. So much so that she founded her own factory devoted to crafting her ceramic and home accessory designs.

Elaine creates stunning large-format abstract and figurative paintings that are fluid, sensual and distinctly original. Her paintings are works of fine art with a personal style that draw people in, but the woman behind the work is just as magnetic. Elaine is the perfect example of an artist whose power is in the gravitational force of her personality. She exudes this amazing energy that makes everyone around her want to be her friend. Her paintings may hang in many private U.S, International, and celebrity collections, but her approachability and authenticity never waver.

I see her as a role model for other female artists just coming into the industry. She’s someone who lives by example not only in her commitment to creating high-end unique works of art but in every aspect of her life. If a young female artist wants an example of authenticity in art, Elaine Murphy is who I’ll point to.

Marlissa Gardiner
Emillions Art

Honoring Self 

You can have it all. You just can’t have it all at once.  

It was the first month of my general surgery residency.  I was sitting in our departmental conference still soaring on high about becoming a doctor, landing this fantastic surgery spot, and beaming with anticipation of my future and the life ahead of me.   

Dr. Dixon Witmer, or DDW as we called her, was a stunning, curvaceous, blond surgeon with bedroom eyes and a mind for medicine.  She was the only other woman in the room filled with the men of surgery.  Whether it was out of concern, solidarity, or jealousy I’ll never know, but she invited me to dinner.  She asked me about my hopes, my dreams, my aspirations, and listened intently as I listed all the pieces that I wanted in order for my puzzle to be complete- and I wanted it all. In the end, she offered me advice. She said, “You can have it all. You just can’t have it all at once. “  I was crestfallen. 

Fast forward 20 years.  Now I am one of the only women in the room.  Now I am the one who has the generational wisdom.  Here is my advice: 

  1.  Children are for the young.  Though you may have more financial stability waiting until your 30’s, that is all you will have. Fertility drops off precipitously in your 30’s. 

  1. 20’s is a good time to have children, but not to eat like one. Start building your healthy eating habits now. Here is a good rule of thumb: if it grew in the ground, fell from a tree, walked, swam, or flew, you can eat it. Otherwise, best to leave it.  

  1. Deplasticize your life.  Plastics are everywhere and they are killing us. 

  1. Work less, love more.  In the end you will only be remembered by those that you loved. 

Dr. Jennifer Simmons


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