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Closets by Design helps homeowners transform their spaces by offering custom organizing solutions that fit their lifestyles.

Tracy Carter, a sales designer with Closets By Design (CBD), was herself a huge selling point for Chris and Tamara Fladung. Their large family was looking for help with three projects in their Maineville home. 

“Once we had Tracy out for a consultation, her warm demeanor, attention to detail and great customer service completely sold us—we honestly didn’t pursue quotes from other companies because we knew we wanted to work with Tracy,” shares Tamara.     

Closets By Design designers like Tracy work directly with clients to help them get organized and bring their ideas to life. The process starts with a free consultation to discuss their spaces and goals. The designer then puts together a project plan and walks through pricing options. CBD works on projects of any size in existing homes, remodels and new construction.

The Updates 

Keeping the pantry stocked with accessible food and snacks was essential for Tamara and Chris to keep their family of eight fed and their household running smoothly. Their new pantry design includes features such as sliding baskets and spice racks, plexiglass drawers and slanted can shelves. There is even a dedicated space for the family’s Roomba, “Rosie”. 

“The plexi snack drawers are my favorite feature in our pantry—things are clearly visible and within easy reach, ready for the kiddos to grab whenever!” Tamara shares. 

Beyond finding more functional space for their clothing, shoes, accessories and even linens, Chris and Tamara saw opportunities to make unique use of their his-and-hers walk-in closets. Chris wanted space to store his guitars and amplifier, so Tracy included a tall cabinet storage area dedicated to his hobby. Tamara wanted to iron within her closet so a wall-mounted ironing board that folds down when needed was added. During planning, they realized there was also room to incorporate a small desk area where Tamara could do her Bible study in the mornings. 

“Tamara was able to look at that walk-in closet with fresh eyes, and she was really excited about using it in a non-traditional way. For some of us moms, the only space we have that’s quiet is our closet. It was self care, and I love that we were able to add that feature for her,” explains Tracy. 

Trends & Popular Features 

  • Gold, Brass and Black Matte hardware. Unique hardware choices are a simple way to update the look of a room and help the design and color choices stand out. 

  • Navy Panels and Shelving. Small spaces are a great place to take a risk and try a bolder look with color, like navy.

  • Expanded Textures and Colors. CBD is always looking at what’s next, and ways to offer more color and texture selections, like herringbone (coming soon!). 

  • Shaker Drawers and Doors. This classic style is popular for home offices, kitchen pantries, and as an option to dress up walk-in closets. 

  • Expanding the Pantry. Popular accessories, such as cookie sheet dividers, sliding baskets and plexi drawers can organize more than just food to help extend the use of the kitchen. 

  • Non-traditional Uses. Find ways to create more space in your existing home in the garage, mudroom, laundry room and basement. CBD can help clients visualize space for home offices, hobbies, home gyms and more. 

Tips from Tracy

Tracy came to Closets By Design by way of renovating homes in the Cincinnati area. Starting with fixer-uppers helped her learn how to look at a house room-by-room and transform it, bringing in design elements that would allow a new family to enjoy that home into the future.

“I love working on projects in so many different homes, and coming alongside people to help them achieve something that makes life better for their family,” Tracy elaborates.  “It’s exciting getting to stay on top of the trends going on in home design and organization, and helping people envision the possibilities within a space.” 

Tracy has a wealth of knowledge, and we were lucky enough to have her share a few tips for homeowners to consider when tackling their organizing projects. 

  • “Oftentimes, people have square footage in their closets and rooms that aren’t really being used. Once we come in and design a new layout, it helps them maximize the space they have.”

  • “No matter what size closet you have, you probably have room for drawers. This will give you the ability to eliminate a big piece of furniture like a dresser, and free up floor space in the bedroom.” 

  • “The projects we do really create the organizational space you need—through shelves, drawers, cabinets and more. Once we help you get organized, it's beneficial to have a dedicated time for tidying up that works for your schedule. Whether it's Saturday morning or a Sunday evening before you start a new week, take 15 minutes to straighten up shelves, hang up clothes, or put away items to keep your space organized and beautiful!” 

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