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Physical Culture(v) Creates a Community

It is all in the name, AND it’s a verb.  Physical Culture(v) prides itself on their unique and active fitness community.  Angie Bartness, owner and personal trainer got started at the early age of 18.  Having gone to school for Kinesiology, she worked as a personal trainer at Bally’s Fitness and a few other small boutique gyms while helping others to achieve their fitness goals.  Fast forward a few years later, and she was in business discussions about a “one stop shop” concept where you could get multiple fitness classes under one roof, with one membership.  

Being a smaller, boutique fitness center, Physical Culture(v)’s class offerings are dictated by industry trends and the voice of their members.  Staff often send surveys asking what changes members would like to see and then adapt formats based on feedback.  Their TRX class is truly unique and one of the most challenging.  It combines full body suspension training methods that are safe, effective and easy to modify.  Their LAB 2.0 class has yoga for the first portion followed by HIIT training in the second.  HIIT Strength is a current member favorite; broken up with a few strength moves, and coupled with 3-4 minutes of HIIT, and then this continually repeats.  Clients are getting in weights mixed with cardio in a condensed amount of time.

Physical Culture(v)’s staff is experienced, creative, and Angie says “open.”  Their brand and industry niche is trainers who pay close attention to form and building a strong connection with their members.  They currently serve two unique groups of clients; one gravitating more towards personal training, the one on one attention and the accountability with their trainer.  And the second includes group fitness and those who love the social aspect of it, the connection, and community feel.  “Group fitness can be intimidating” says Angie, who recommends that those starting out at Physical Culture(v) take a few personal training sessions to start, become familiar with the exercises and build a base.  This allows for modification, perfecting movements and form, and provides confidence to move on to group classes while avoiding injury.  She also urges members to talk openly to the instructors before class so they can help modify and ensure safety.  Angie also stresses that other keys to fitness success include “finding a class you love and bringing a buddy.”  It helps when someone encourages you and holds you accountable. 

For those who are well into their fitness routine, Angie says that the studio offers many different formats to the classes.  For those who may have plateaued in their own routines, Physical Culture(v) pushes people to mix it up and try something new.  The personal trainers can also work with you to discuss clean eating and basic nutrition.  They are known for their “Culture Cleanse” which starts mid-January and lasts for 20 days.  It’s more of an elimination than an actual cleanse, but includes cutting out all of the usual suspects including gluten, dairy, corn, alcohol, added sugar etc.  The goal is not so much focused on weight loss as it is improved energy level, mood, better sleep cycles and overall well-being. 

In addition to providing for the fitness world, Physical Culture(v) is big on giving back through charitable initiatives.  This includes schools, whether it be volunteering to teach yoga to elementary students during field days, or providing silent auction items for fund raising.  Every June they participate in a charity triathlon and donate the proceeds to organizations such as Washburn Children’s Center and Simpson Housing.

“We have a reputation for being challenging,” Angie says, but she encourages people to “just come once and see how you feel.  The classes are hard, but you can modify them.”  And there is an open, experienced staff to help.  Above all, Angie describes the culture at the studio as a place where there truly “is a sense of community.”  People have become friends outside of class, they hold each other accountable and encourage each other to show up, work hard and have fun. 

Physical Culture offers a complimentary one week (7 day) trial to new members.  For more information, visit physicalculturev.com

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