Finding Strength Through Art and Academics

Redefining boundaries using creativity and athleticism

Article by Mia Sarapochiello

Photography by Kevin Jonas-Davis & Reinhardt Archives

Originally published in Canton City Lifestyle

Lindsey Wolosiewicz's story begins with a daunting diagnosis of Stage 4 cancer in her early twenties, a pivotal moment that propelled her into a 15-year odyssey of courage, faith, and artistic expression. Lindsey is a vested Canton resident whose journey of refinement and rediscovery is a testament to the transformative power of investing in oneself.

One would find it hard to fathom the depths Lindsey has navigated to emerge as a vibrant and full-of-life woman. She shares her Renaissance-like narrative, recounting her unapologetic faith in Jesus and her commitment to listening to her body, catalyzing her triumphant return to health. Through the darkness of illness, Lindsey found the light within herself, unlocking a reservoir of creative energy that now manifests in her stunning artworks.

Art, for Lindsey, is more than a form of expression; it is a cathartic journey that allows one to reflect on themselves and the world. She passionately emphasized investing in one's gifts, proclaiming they unveil beauty amid chaos. "Investing in your creative spaces provides a sanctuary—a place to breathe, free of judgment and worry." In her earlier works, a signature barn was a recurring motif in Lindsey's collection. When one inquires about its significance, she thoughtfully responds, "It symbolizes shelter and comfort, but those old run-down sides show weathering and durability." This philosophy reflects why we should invest in our creative sanctuaries—places that endure, offering solace and refuge from the storms of life.

Lindsey's recent creations are an explosion of vibrant color and texture, mirroring the beautiful spirit that radiates through all her art. Her message resonates deeply: investing time in one's accurate passion yields healing, peace, and self-love that the world may not freely bestow. As we bask in the artistic brilliance, let us unite in supporting the flourishing arts scene in and around Canton. Together, we nurture new generations of artists and visionaries, forging a legacy of hope that transcends mere investment—it's an investment in the essence of the human spirit.

Unlocking our potential is a journey marked by the fusion of artistic expression and structured guidance. Art becomes a tapestry reflecting our deepest aspirations, while coaches and institutions, as custodians of refinement, cultivate the rare and extraordinary. This dynamic interplay unveils an enriched narrative pointed at the precision of guidance, culminating in a masterpiece of excellence. While art serves as a conduit for our inner aspirations, the stewardship of coaches and institutions plays a pivotal role in sculpting our path toward greatness.

True athletes are passionate about their sport and derive inspiration and joy from witnessing others achieve their dreams. As we travel up the 140 from Riverstone Parkway, we arrive at the dynamic campus of Reinhardt University. Originating as a small institution from 1950, it has steadily become a dynamic learning hub. It envisions a future where it continues to shape global leaders. Today, the university offers over 40 degrees and certification programs catering to students in Georgia and beyond. Amidst the ever-evolving landscape of higher education, Reinhardt stands tall on the foundation of one crucial element: family.

This sense of familial belonging permeates through every aspect of Reinhardt, which is evident in the dedication of its staff and the vibrant campus culture. The commitment to holistic development extends beyond academics to the athletic realm. Jeffrey Pourchier's leadership underscores a commitment to nurturing talent and fostering a sense of camaraderie learned from his day as a basketball player at LaGrange College, GA. As the current Athletic Director, Pourchier champions the values of teamwork and perseverance, creating an environment where student-athletes excel in their respective sports and evolve as well-rounded individuals. Under his guidance, Reinhardt continues to cultivate a familial spirit where the bonds formed on and off the playing field echo the institution's enduring commitment to the comprehensive growth of its cherished community.

Jennifer Pourchier, as the Head Men’s and Women’s Tennis Coach, adds another layer of passion and dedication to Reinhardt's vibrant campus life. Her journey from a promising young tennis player to a respected coach reflects the university's commitment to nurturing talent. Pourchier's relentless pursuit of excellence is mirrored in her teams, where diversity is celebrated and academic achievement is paramount. The tennis team's exceptional grade point averages testify to their unwavering discipline and collaborative spirit.

Together, Jeffrey and Jennifer Pourchier exemplify the spirit of Reinhardt University—a place where academic and athletic pursuits intertwine seamlessly. By fostering a culture of support and growth, Reinhardt prepares its students for success and enriches the fabric of Cherokee County. It's not just about education; it's about investing in communities and paving the way for a brighter future.

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"Investing in your creative spaces provides a sanctuary—a place to breathe, free of judgment and worry. It provides a great place for growth."

"Reinhardt's holistic approach to education encompasses athletic and academic pursuits, attracting students from diverse backgrounds. Through comprehensive programs, it aims to cultivate a multifaceted skill set among its students, poised to positively contribute to both the global landscape and their local communities."

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