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Finding Your Place

"I long, as does every human being, to be at home wherever I find myself."

—Maya Angelou

House hunting for the perfect home can be, for some, like finding the needle in a haystack. It can feel daunting, unattainable and overwhelming. Does a home exist that fits your needs? How could you ever find something that checks off all of your boxes? Andy, the owner of Apex Developments LLC, knows that sometimes the perfect home can’t be bought; it can only be built. 

Growing up in northern Colorado, Andy wanted to contribute to the beauty that he calls home. After 10 years, he became a skilled leader in finish carpentry and found that creating, designing and building was truly a passion for him. His hands-on approach is what enables every home to have an identity of its own. Andy pays close attention to detail, which ensures that the quality of every build is outstanding. With high personal standards for his projects, his ultimate goal is to build a home that his clients are proud to call their home. The heart and soul of Apex is creating captivating homes with quality craftsmanship.

“The goal is for you to be inspired, and that requires the talent and expertise of a true professional,” Andy says. Now 13 years later, Apex Developments LLC continues to bring custom and semi-custom homes to northern Colorado families. 

When you build a home, your relationship with that builder is the key to turning your vision into reality. Andy works personally with all his clients, guiding them through the building process to create their unique home—personalized with individual style and taste. The Apex process is committed to creating a design at a pace that makes sense for you and is stress free, well guided and exciting.  Imagine sitting on your new custom patio knowing that Apex didn’t just build you a house, they built you a home.


  • 970.443.1623
  • Owner: Andy Feil
  • Floor Plans: "The Ashcroft" or "The Duncan"
  • "Our process is designed to be stress-free, well-guided and exciting!"