Finding Zen

Where do you go to calm the mind, body and soul?

Finding quiet during your day doesn't have to mean solitude and meditation. Finding an activity where you can focus and let all the stress melt away is guaranteed to help you find your zen. We asked two friends where they turn.

I find my Zen when I am out hiking. I have always loved being outside, the back-to-basics appreciation of nature is so fulfilling for me! I love the sounds and colors, especially in the fall. I literally breathe out my stresses and breathe in gratitude when I am hiking. I often hike Kennesaw Mountain because it is so close to work. The views from the top are fantastic and always changing with the season. In January this year, my husband and I took a picnic and hiked the 17.4 mile loop in one day. It was amazing! I do a lot of networking for my business, so I am known for “netwalking” rather than the traditional sitting in a coffee shop and learning about other businesses. I really like that there are less distractions and all those endorphins flowing really help with the creative energy. You really get to know someone! I highly recommend getting outside and finding your zen! Naomi Gasson, Georgia Roof Advisors

One word: nature. Whether in the mountains, on the beach or walking by a stream in the woods,  nature pulls me in and washes away the stress and worry of the moment. The fresh air and negative ions provide a mental clarity that I can't get anywhere else. I try to get out as much as I can, but in today's hectic world, it isn't always possible.  A simple five-minute walk can make a huge shift in my day.  My husband and I try to make a yearly pilgrimage to a beach or lake for mental health and relaxation. Karla Wilkinson, City Lifestyle Administrative Coordinator

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