Host Your Next Event at Zinicola Italian Restaurant

Their Expert Event Consultant is the Best

At Zinicola, everyone understands the importance of privacy and a range of private rooms are offered to cater to your group whether it be a small intimate setting, or a very large business gathering.  They also offer private set menus that are customizable to your specific needs.

For smaller gatherings, their intimate private room can comfortably seat up to 14 guests. This setting is ideal for hosting a small birthday celebration or a family reunion, where you can enjoy each other's company in a relaxed setting.

If you require a slightly larger space, their second private room can accommodate up to 22 guests.  It provides an ideal setting for hosting business luncheons or small networking events.

For more sizable gatherings, a spacious private room is offered that can seat up to 35 guests. This versatile setting is perfect for hosting bridal showers, anniversary parties, or even a happy hour with your coworkers.

For other larger occasions, the largest private room would be perfect, with the capacity to accommodate up to 65 guests. This room is the ideal choice for hosting business dinners, rehearsal dinners, charity events, or large family celebrations.

Zinicola's pastas are hand-made and ingredients in all their dishes, sauces and desserts are made fresh with many items grown locally.  Nothing at Zinicola is store bought.  

Their bar is extensive and includes everything from fine wines to the finest liquors found anywhere.  Zinicola non-alcoholic drinks are a hit too!

Chef Richard Cranmer is the owner too.  He often talks about how he learned his cooking skills from his 'nonna' and 'madre'.

His mother was the typical Italian mother who cooked everyday.  Richard learned from watching his mother cook and learned even more from watching his grandmother when the family traveled to Italy every summer.  He watched her make family meals from scratch and they brought recipes back home with them.

Richard has a passion and love for food and cooking and Italy is where it all began.  He used that passion and love to open Zinicola and it drives him today to make Zinicola one of the best restaurants in Ballantyne.  He makes his restaurant and its food as much like what you'd find in Italy as when you're visiting there.

The food is not just something you taste at Zinicola, you can become absorbed in it and the ambience in the restaurant is a feeling that you can become attached to.  His cooking is an act of love that you can really feel.

Next time you need a private space to host your special event, consider their selection of private rooms.  Experience the exclusivity of their private rooms, where unforgettable memories are made.  The food and drinks will definitely not disappoint either.  Reach out to Michelle Harun, event coordinator, for help with planning your next fabulous event.  She is an experienced event consultant and she can help you create the event of your dreams and much more!  Call her at 980.299.2979.  For more information about Zinicola, visit zinicolaitalian.com.  Zinicola is located at 14835 Ballantyne Village Way, Charlotte, NC, 28277.

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