FINE WHISKEYS & MORE Served Up at The Winston

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Pink House Cardamom Syrup

Sarsaparilla Bitters


Place all ingredients in a mixer and pour into chilled whiskey glasses.

Located on Main Street in Norman, The Winston features classic meals with a modern flair and boasts a sizable whiskey selection that’s unmatched in the metro. The menu also features craft cocktails and draft beer, including many local drafts. Whether guests are seeking a night out with friends, dinner with the family, or a glass of wine after a long week, The Winston will be there.

The Winston's general manager, Scarlett Burnett, encouraged whiskey lovers to drop in soon to check out one of their featured single-barrel specials, which currently include the Weller Antique, which is served non-chilled/filtered. The supply of this whiskey, featuring velvety, vanilla and oaky notes, is very limited. Other selections she recommended include the 110 proof Wilderness Train Rye, aged for four years 11 months, with notes of baked bread and baking spices and has a long finish; the L'Encantada Armagnac XO, a Winston blend that actually isn't bourbon but is loved by bourbon fans, described as rich and velvety, with a sweet finish; and the Lassalle, Bellair and Del Cassou. These are vintage, 89 proof vintages from 1989, 2004 and 1985, respectively. 

Asked about her favorite whiskey/bourbon at The Winston, she laughed and responded, "This is a trick question. We have such a huge variety. I would have to obviously go with a Winston barrel pick. My choice would be WhistlePig 10 Year Single Barrel Rye Winston Pick, ORRRR I would probably go for any of the Little Book Chapters."

If your taste runs more to cocktails, Scarlett recommends the "I Can Sea Clearly Now."

"Anytime it's being made, I feel like I'm part of a science experiment, and it brings me pure joy. Oh, and it's super-freaking delicious," she said.

Scarlett is passionate not only for what The Winston serves, but also its amazing staff and, of course, the guests. 

"I love people, and I can't wait to say 'hey' to a new guest in hopes they'll become a regular so I can get to know more about them. I like to make friends, and anyone who says 'hey,' becomes a friend."

Those friendships extend to the restaurant staff.

"My favorite secret of The Winston would have to be how much fun we actually have, and also, how much it hurts when the staff graduates and moves on with their lives. We become such a family and all grow together.  It's my favorite. I'm so proud of all the staff: past, present, and hopefully the future."

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