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A Bow Tops Off Gifts—and Holiday Hairstyles, Too

Want to have a stunning, but simple-to-create hairstyle for your holiday parties? How about a look that can include a special accent that gives a nuanced nod to your personality without stealing the show? 

Jessica Walker has you covered. Walker—owner and president of the J. Walker Salon Group of Bernardsville, Basking Ridge and Mendham—is seeing several trends that will play equally well with daily wear and evening elegance.

“Shag haircuts with layers are making a comeback. This is a relaxed, tasseled look that works well for both long and short hair,” she says. “Lobs and bobs are also in right now. This is a hairstyle that remains timeless and can be customized to suit different face shapes and textures. It’s a beautiful way to have a slick look with clean lines and blunt ends.”

Walker says that curtain bangs remain popular, with style makers like Adele and Kate Middleton opting for this soft ’70s look that frames and reshapes the face. “Curtain bangs are a little longer than traditional bangs and give you a beautiful bohemian look,” Walker says. 

Be mindful of how curtain bangs will affect your face shape. For example, if your face is round, they can elongate your face and give a framed effect. If your face is heart-shaped, long curtain bangs can cover your wide cheekbones. 

Walker notes that textured styles and natural texture are in vogue. “People are looking for minimal upkeep and different styles that they can manage from home,” she says. “Embracing your curls—whether truly curly, wavy or even straight—is a significant trend. It’s that natural texture that people are going toward. Just put some light cream or gel on your locks to coax out their natural texture.”

Hair accessories add flair—and women are embracing these flourishes this holiday season. Walker is seeing a variety of headbands, scrunchies and scarves accenting styles and finishing off looks, such as the Bow Bun, which is an easy go-to option for parties. 

“Really, ever since the pandemic, low maintenance styles have been in. Everyone wants a look that is wash-and-go, but polished,” she says. “If you’re going casual that day, accessories give a nice extra pop of color or make you look a bit fancier.” 

Keeping your hair healthy in the winter can be a feat. “The winter air dries out hair, causes split ends, makes it prone to breaking and increases static,” Walker says. “The weather pulls out the moisture and reduces the natural oils on our scalp, which normally protect hair from splitting or falling out.”

She recommends using a deep-cleansing shampoo once a week; Goldwell or Kérastas are recommended lines. “I advise shampooing your hair every third or fourth day and using a deep conditioning mask,” she says. “We have a treatment called a Fusio-Dose booster by Kérastas for damaged, over-processed hair. We use this in conjunction with a scalp massage, which is really beautiful. I would encourage this process be done regularly over the winter months.”

Bow Bun
This style works best with hair that is smooth, manageable and at least below shoulder-length.

Straighten out curly or wavy hair. 

Brush hair through and make sure it’s completely tangle-free and smooth. 

Gather all the hair into a high ponytail at the crown of your head. 

Use hair tie to secure it in place and tighten hair. 

Pull the ponytail through the hair elastic one more time. Depending on how big you want the bow’s ears to be, you can either stop midway for a smaller ribbon or before you reach the ends for larger loops.

Split the bump of your half-through loop into two. 

Bunch them up on either side, refining the strands to create the perfect “ribbon” on both the left and right ends.

Conceal the hair tie with the hair that’s left loose. Loop this lock over and in between your ribbon and secure the ends with a bobby pin. Use hairspray to lock it in. 

Enhance the bow-like appearance with decorative hairpins, ribbons or small accessories in the center. 

Read more about Walker and her team at JWalkerSalon.com

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