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Apple Hill

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Apple Hill Season

Apple Hill Welcomes Excited Visitors Into Another Fun Fall Season

When summer becomes autumn and the leaves turn colorful, the residents of Folsom look forward to taking a trip to the family-owned farms of Apple Hill. Visitors to Apple Hill enjoy special events, craft fairs, and an immense variety of fresh fruits, baked goods, and tasty drinks. The most visited ranch is High Hill Ranch, where visitors can wander through craft tents, savor a caramel apple next to a duck pond, or eat a barbecued lunch from the Pie Barn.

High Hill Ranch, however, is not the only must-visit spot in Apple Hill. Goldbud Farms is a necessary stop for any lover of fresh fruit, as their roadside fruit stand offers delicious and in-season peaches, nectarines, plums, apples, and more.  If you have your heart set on purchasing from them, make sure to arrive in the morning, before they sell out for the day. Delfino Farms sports a picturesque view over rows of grapevines from both Joan’s Apple Bakery and the Edio Vineyards Tasting Room. Joan’s Apple Bakery is open only during peak apple season to ensure that all apples are perfectly ripened before baking, and sells everything from pies to fritters to apple cider donuts. Edio Vineyards offers wines and hard ciders to excited patrons year-round. 

Boa Vista Orchards is another spot that is open year-round and is a popular stop for families and produce enthusiasts. It offers unlimited free samples of spiced apple cider and has a plethora of fresh fruits, vegetables, and canned sauces, all of which you can purchase inside its store. Boa Vista’s Pumpkin Patch sits across the road from the store and cider barn and offers multitudes of pumpkins in all sizes and shapes for families to pick out their seasonal pumpkins.

These farms and many more make Apple Hill the beautiful and rightfully-popular autumn destination that it is, with something for everyone in the family to enjoy. 

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