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The No Excuses Workout with Hill Country MVMT

Hill Country MVMT, a functional fitness-based strength and conditioning gym in Dripping Springs, opened its doors in March 2019. As a husband and wifeowned business, it’s important to us that our members and clients feel like they’re our family too.

While our own personal fitness goals have shifted over the years, one thing that remains constant is that we choose to stay active in some capacity. Movement is medicine and motion is lotion. Want to avoid nagging aches and pains? Move well. Want to have the energy to keep up with your young family? Move often. Want to stay strong and independent well into your golden years? Move well and move often!

Great results start with high-quality movements. Movement affects joints, muscle growth, cardiovascular fitness, sleep quality, stress management—you name it. It’s the foundation for everything and a fountain of youth. Focus on these six main movement patterns whether you’re a beginner, getting back into a routine, or an avid exerciser!

●      Hinge

●      Squat

●      Lunge

●      Push

●      Pull

●      Carry

All you’ll need for this simple yet sweaty, on-the-go friendly burner is a single weight and a timer!

Every Minute on the Minute (EMOM) x 3 ROUNDS / REST 1:00 minute after each ROUND (20:00 minutes total)

Complete as many high-quality reps of each movement as safely as possible within :45, using the final :15 to switch to the next movement.

Exercise Descriptions:

  1. Glute Bridges: While lying on your back with knees bent, press your lower back into the floor. Then squeeze your glute and press down into your heels, driving your hips up on your exhale. Lower with an inhale and repeat.
  2. Push-Ups: Start with your chest on the floor and hands positioned outside of your ribs. Tuck your hip bones towards your ribs, squeezing your glutes. Inhale and hold. Then exhale as you drive your palms into the ground while maintaining a plank position.
  3. Goblet Squats: Holding a weight at your chest, inhale and hold. Then sit back as low as possible while maintaining an upright torso position. Exhale to stand, driving your heels into the floor and squeezing your glutes.
  4. Bent Over Rows: Holding the weight in one hand, tip from the hip, lowering your torso until the weight is around knee level. Inhale into the width of your ribs, then exhale as you draw one elbow up, hand towards your hip bone, focusing on sliding your shoulder blade in toward your spine.
  5. Cossack Squats: Shift all of your weight into your bent knee leg, keeping the opposite leg straight. Shift from one leg to the other while keeping your hips as low as possible.
  6. Single Arm Farmers March: Hold a weight in one hand. Then march in place, holding one knee at hip height for one second to demonstrate control before switching legs. Keep your torso upright with good posture, and avoid leaning towards the weighted side. Repeat with the weight in the other hand (:25/side).

We love that Dripping Springs is a close-knit community; it lends itself well to the culture we share with our MVMT community. Find us in person at 150 Russell Lane, building 4, Dripping Springs, on Instagram @hillcountrymvmt, and online at hillcountrymvmt.com.

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