Fit Visual For Optimal Performance

Dr. Jaclyn Munson Tells Us How

Sports Vision Training isn’t about correcting your vision. Sports Vision is about training people with excellent vision to process and respond to what they see faster and better. Using a personalized and customized series of techniques and exercises, the brain learns to respond more accurately and efficiently. It’s just like muscle memory. Once you know and refine exactly how to react, you can do it again and again, and get better every time. An athlete on the top of his or her game needs neuro-visual responses that are dynamic, precise, and fully aligned every time, all of the time. 

Vision is way more than how well you read off a chart. Having 20/20 vision doesn’t count for much if you can’t properly track a ball with your eyes, or anticipate where your opponent is headed. 

Sport is all about the visual. The eye sees, the brain interprets and leads, and the body follows. Coaches, athletes, and pundits alike need to keep in mind that the visual processing our brain does is prone to fumbles. Incorrect or poorly timed responses are what hold back good athletes from becoming great. Even with the best coaching and tactics, sports performance can suffer if not properly honed. Bad habits need to be reversed, while positive skills need to be nurtured. This is what sports vision is all about.

The visual system summarizes what is seen, then tells the brain to activate the muscles to execute a motor action. Vision directs the intelligent movement of the body (the eyes lead the body). The more accurate the visual system can take in and process visual information, the more accurate it can direct appropriate motor movement. We sat down with Fort Collins Family Eye Care Founder Dr. Jaclyn Munson who gave us a few tips on keeping your eyes as strong as your body.

1. Think Prevention - Be proactive! We encourage preventative eye health examinations looking for the earliest signs of potential diseases. Don't wait to" feel or see" a problem. Did you know there are over 300 diseases that can be ruled out from a preventative eye health exam?  

2. Eye Nutrition - Curious to know how to optimize your visual experience? Fort Collins Family Eye Care is home to amazing technologies that measure the functional and structural performance of your eyes - need a nutritive boost? Let's evaluate how well your eyes utilize the nutrition in your body for maximum wellness.

3. Performance - An elite visual system performs best in the absence of eye fatigue, headaches, and fluctuating vision. When the eye and brain communicate at optimum frequencies athletes, students, and next level leadership experience the freedom to function at their best. Is your visual system operating at optimum level or is there room for improvement? 

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