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Safari Island Community Center is your indoor haven for staying active despite the cold

Waconia’s Safari Island Community Center is the perfect place to stay active all year round. With something for all ages and ensuring that even during the coldest months, this community center offers residents a welcoming space to stay fit and engaged. With a rich array of amenities and activities, Safari Island offers an inclusive environment that encourages everyone, from toddlers to adults, to embrace an active lifestyle.

Something for Everyone

For the community’s youngest members, Safari Island boasts an indoor play area known as the Lion’s Den. Designed for children up to 10 years old, this imaginative space features a 4-tier play structure and a ball area, providing a safe and enjoyable environment for crawling tots and energetic youngsters alike.

The center’s aquatic offerings feature a recreational pool equipped with slides of various sizes, diving boards, and splash pad features. Whether you’re seeking family fun or solo lap swimming, the pool caters to a range of preferences and ages.

The expansive gym at Safari Island is a versatile space with four courts, basketball hoops, volleyball, and even batting cages. This flexibility allows for various setups, accommodating different sports and activities. Additionally, the indoor track, open to all ages, provides a comfortable space for walking or running, ideal for the cold winter months when outdoor exercise might be less appealing and feasible.

Exercise Options

For those aged 12 and up, Safari Island offers a diverse selection of group exercise classes. With over 30 classes available through membership or daily drop-in fees, individuals can explore different fitness modalities while benefiting from the guidance of experienced instructors. The facility also houses a full-weight room for those looking to incorporate strength training into their regimen.

For those seeking a more personalized fitness journey, Safari Island provides personal training services even without a membership.

As a parent, finding time to exercise while also caring for children can be challenging. The center provides childcare on a rotating schedule, allowing parents the freedom to partake in activities while their children enjoy supervised playtime in the Lion’s Den.

A Favorite New Pastime

Pickleball enthusiasts will find a home at Safari Island, where the sport has gained popularity. With numerous open times, free access for members, and a $5 drop-in fee for non-members, the center accommodates players of all skill levels. An instructor is also available to introduce newcomers to the game at various proficiency levels.

Safari Island is not just a fitness haven; it’s also a venue for celebrations. The center offers birthday party packages, allowing guests to choose from the Lion’s Den, gym, or pool area with access to a conference room, ensuring a memorable experience for partygoers of all ages.

Making Membership Approachable

A unique membership structure allows for month-by-month commitments. This makes it easy to take advantage of this community center when it’s right for you, with the option to suspend memberships during the summer months when the weather is nice and outdoor activities are abundant. 

With a history spanning over two decades, Safari Island Community Center has evolved into a cornerstone of the Waconia community, continuously adapting to meet the diverse needs of its residents. As winter approaches, Safari Island is the ideal place to stay active and healthy while spending time as a family. https://www.safariislandcommunitycenter.com

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