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Fitness Clothing Companies Who Give Back


Article by Hayley Hyer

Photography by Stock Images

We live in a culture of caring—younger generations are becoming more involved in their communities earlier, and families are having more open conversations about what goes on in the world. People are also becoming more intentional with their shopping and pay attention to what they are supporting with each purchase. When it comes to athletic apparel, there are tons of companies with cool missions and charities they support. If you want to learn more about what some of your favorite fitness brands do for your community, keep reading!

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Spiritual Gangster

"Here at Spiritual Gangster, we believe our purpose is to inspire a community of connectedness grounded in generosity. 

For every item sold, we donate proceeds to provide a meal to a person in need in partnership with Feeding America. With over 11 million meals donated to date, we are collectively impacting the fight against hunger in the US. 

Proceeds from our sales also support additional national and international organizations that are close to our heart such as Cambodian Children's Fund, Make-A-Wish and Phoenix Children's Hospital."


"Our community engagement is essential to our overall approach to sustainability that focuses on three strategic ‘People’ priorities: to empower people, to improve health and to inspire action. These strategic priorities are supported by our corporate giving guidelines and various programs for employee and community involvement."


"We care about all women—near and far. That's why we created the P.A.C.E program, which provides the talented women in our factories advanced education and life skills development, plus extra income and leadership roles through Fair Trade.

The P.A.C.E. curriculum includes topics on communication, problem solving and decision making, time and stress management, health and wellness, financial literacy and more."


"Kids aren’t made to sit still, they’re made to play. But today’s kids are part of the least active generation in history, and all that sitting around doesn’t sit well with us. We know kids who move are the ones who move the needle – in the classroom, their careers and in the community. Made to Play is Nike’s commitment to getting kids active. Working hand-in-hand with our partners, we get kids off the couch, out the door and on to better lives."

good hYOUman

"In 2011, Brett Novek started good hYOUman to honor his late father. His mission was simple: do something that makes you, and those around you, feel good! Today, we do this by creating the most comfortable clothes on the planet, but also by partnering with organizations and individuals who facilitate our mission of giving back and doing good every day.

Our story is about the power of one hYOUman to forever shape the lives of others by inspiring them to live their best day, everyday. Each season we spotlight an amazing good hYOUman’s story on the back of our product hang tags. We are committed to sharing stories like Brett’s so that we may inspire a community of good hYOUman’s all over the world."


"Doing good looks good. When you see the Real Good stamp at, that means we’ve taken extra care to create a product with more sustainable raw materials.

Since 2016, we’ve been part of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC), an organization committed to measuring & improving social & environmental impacts at factories. We use the SAC’s Higg Index to measure the environmental performance at more than 150 garment factories, mills & laundries."

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