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Rise and Thrive

Essential Morning Habits for Men to Maximize Success

Success doesn’t happen by setting goals; it requires putting systems in place to stay consistent. A morning routine is one system that helps with consistency in all areas of life.

1. Plan your food intake.

When and what will you eat? Are you going out, eating at home or bringing lunch? You don’t have to be super rigid in your plan, but having a plan makes you proactive instead of reactive, which leads to less decision fatigue and less reliance on willpower.

2. Review scheduled appointments, including your scheduled workout time.

Meetings and time-sensitive appointments inform the flow of your day. Include your workout in your meeting calendar. The difference between a meeting and a to-do list is this: meetings get rescheduled when life gets crazy; to-do items get pushed into the void of “later.” To stay consistent with workouts, treat them like meetings.

3. Fill in big rocks for self-improvement, relationships and business projects.

Make time in between meetings to move the needle forward in key areas of life. How can you spend time in a way that helps you grow yourself, your relationships and your business? Making time to read a book, take your kids to the park or move a business project forward has a compounding effect on the quality of life.  A little investment done consistently yields outsized returns.

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  • Paul Lyngso