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Kondition is The Fitness Studio Every Body Needs to Know About

Article by Amelia Broughton

Photography by Poppy & Co.

Originally published in Boulder Lifestyle

Boulder is no stranger to fitness. With a mountainous backyard, bike lanes on almost every street, and fitness studios popping up around town, it’s no wonder it has frequently been rated as one of the fittest cities in North America. 

With this in mind, Emma Straight envisioned something more for the Boulder fitness scene. 

While at the gym, Straight always seemed to feel out of place. She wasn’t a pro athlete, had too many back issues for some of the more body intensive workouts, and wasn’t thrilled with packed cookie-cutter classes that she attended.  

After a lifetime as a technical recruiter, Straight was losing passion and satisfaction in her job. But insightful conversations led her to the realization that if she felt out of place, she certainly must not be the only one. 

Each step of the process guided her in a new direction that inspired a new concept for fitness: Kondition, a unique gym-meets-a-boutique experience. 

With her own bouts of pre-workout class anxiety, stressful hustle, and body changing discomforts, Straight wanted Kondition to be somewhere that clients always felt they could show up exactly as they were and be fully accepted. Even more so, her intention is to continuously create an environment that supports people in their lives beyond the studio. 

The word "Kondition," which means “fitness” in Swedish and serves as an homage to Straight's mother, is more than just an amazing variety of high-quality, transformative fitness classes; it’s a space of immense intentionality and love. 

Behind the scenes of every detail is an enormous amount of thought and care that went into the design and building process. It’s a place to focus on self, for people to leave as a better version of themselves, and to melt the daily stressors away. 

While one might rush to get to class, Kondition’s retreat-like atmosphere will instantly have goers breathing deeper and unwinding from whatever hustle and bustle they just came from. 

Whether a person is just starting a fitness journey, is cross-training, is an activity seeker, or is somewhere between, Kondition will meet people wherever and however they are. 

Dance your heart out, sweat the stressors away, make new friends, support a local business, and try something you’ve likely never done before. Your mind, body, and soul will thank you every time you walk in the doors.