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Colorado Saddlery in Golden

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Colorado Saddlery and Their Bell Mountain Equestrian Center

Matt Wassam and his team at Colorado Saddlery are already industry leaders in their trade, but they’re taking saddle fitting to the next level with their newly acquired Bell Mountain Equestrian Center in Castle Rock. They build super high end, high quality, long lasting saddles and also provide professional saddle fittings for horse and rider. Their saddles for women equestrians are heavy duty, but lightweight. Their focus is on comfort and longevity so whether you’re a new rider or a competitor in the mounted shooting space like their manager, Emily Honeyman, you’ll find custom fit for both you and your horse.

The vision for the future is clear. “The thing that makes this equestrian center really unique is our tack business… you can come to Colorado Saddlery South this summer, we can do professional saddle fitting for you and your horse, then you can saddle your horse up while you’re here and go demo that saddle,” Matt shares. “Make sure you like the way it rides and feels. If you don’t, we’ll have a couple hundred saddles for you to choose from.”

Their trail rides are endless and they have a beautiful indoor arena with the softest footing. You can tell Matt considers every detail. 

Watching Emily demonstrate how to fit her horse Magnolia with a saddle made me aware of how much care goes into their process. Tracing her fingers across Magnolia's back, she explains, “You want that saddle to have clearance so we try and set it back off the scapula. We run our saddles a little bit further back and then the way we shape our trees gives a lot of spine clearance and gives kidney relief too."

Emily also states, “When you have a saddle that optimally fits the horse and rider using Colorado Saddlery state-of-the-art saddle fitting technology, we can eliminate behavioral issues and dramatically improve rider and horse comfort. At the new saddle shop we will also be growing our English tack collection and have experts available for bit fitting and mechanical science behind each style.”

Drama free and family-oriented, Matt has developed a team that cares about the horse and rider equally. Their tack store will cater to both English and Western riders. 

“The equestrian community is so amazing. I’m just excited to build our community here more. We already have such a great, very family-oriented community started here, so I’m excited for it to get bigger… more friends to ride with, more people to meet and stories to hear,” Emily dreams out loud.

Call (720) 438-9297 to get connected with Matt and his team at Colorado Saddlery.

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