Cause + Effect

Six Leaders, Five Intentions and a Wealth of Healing, Help and Hope

A glamorous cover photo—think Vanity Fair with Annie Leibovitz behind the lens. Each woman in dramatic monochrome, whether evening gown or jeans and tee. Each woman owning her own powerful stance and style, yet strategically placed to meld perfectly, artfully, into one striking group. That was our vision, that was our plan.

Sometimes plans change.

Women whose businesses help, support or inspire other women—that was the original focus of this feature article. We had our lineup of influential women, interviews had begun and all that was left was scheduling the photoshoot (that cover was set to be fierce). But as the month of March progressed and we were encouraged to keep our distance due to COVID-19, it became increasingly clear that a group photoshoot was not going to happen. Should not, in fact.

So, we did what we all had to do during this time—we adapted, we changed, we worked together. We modified each woman’s profile story so she could have space to address the community about the current crisis. Messages of support, hope and love poured in, as did the photos. Each woman emailed her headshot, photos of her business, photos with coworkers, photos with family. No one complained about the change of course or extra work—on the contrary, this new editorial direction ignited a new passion in each … and what we ended up with was an article that was both real and relevant for the time.

To complete this article, these ladies did what they do best—they helped. They made it happen, no matter the hurdles. We didn’t just write an article about women helping other women—we lived it, all of us, through this entire process. So to each of these lovely leading ladies: thank you … for being adaptable, but perhaps most important—for being inspirational.

Emily Barlow

Molly Edmondson & JoAnne Kennard

MoJo Advantage

How We Help: Committed to Your Success, Whatever It Looks Like

In early 2017, Molly and JoAnne created MoJo Advantage to fill a unique niche for moms—helping them understand what their next steps should be, and how to pursue them. Their mission? To help stay-at-home moms return to the workforce.

It’s a process that’s devoted to giving their employees not only opportunities for income, but the ability to sharpen skills, as well. “Our clients tell us that Mojo gives them the awareness and confidence to pursue what they want to do,” JoAnne says.

Molly agrees. “The assessment, our process—it’s all to enable clients to articulate what their skills are, to find what they’re looking for.”

Molly and JoAnne’s Message: “Take it one day at a time.”

“There’s so much uncertainty right now in people’s lives, especially if they have school-aged kids unexpectedly at home, that we’re super flexible about hitting the pause button until our clients are able to get back to focusing on themselves and their future. We tell our clients, ‘Focus on the things you can control at the present moment, and trust that you are strong enough to handle whatever comes at you.’”


Jen Powers

Tried & True Parenting

How We Help: Investment, Intention, Connection

Family preservation—that’s the heart of Tried & True Parenting (TTP). Celebrating its fifth anniversary, this nonprofit equips struggling parents with easy-to-learn and easy-to-apply techniques to help during a time of need and overcome family obstacles. TTP tethers themselves to a family and reminds parents that they aren’t alone. Whether a family is struggling with their own child’s behavior issues or they are welcoming a foster or adoptive child into their home, TTP’s message is one of hope. Jen, TTP’s executive director, says, “Parenting is as precarious as it is beautiful. For any parent, we seek to provide a way forward where there is often not a road map—supporting them in becoming the best versions of themselves to build sturdy, connected relationships with their children.”

Jen’s Message: “Give care, receive care.”

“We need each other now more than ever. We are literally writing history in this exact day and time … we are hunkered down with our families in a season where we can easily be gripped by fear and anxiety. Let’s be neighborly. Let’s make sure we take care of ourselves and we take care of each other. It takes a village, after all. Let’s be what we want to see for each other’s families.”


Annette Friesner

SAW Pilates

How We Help: Connecting the Community

Annette named SAW Pilates as a nod to her children’s names; it also references “social and wellness.” “We love to host events for our clients and the community,” she says. “There are real friendships here, and the mental and emotional work is there, too.”

Indeed, community ties are strong with SAW Pilates. “We helped with a Backpack Give Back last fall—over $2,500 worth of school supplies were donated from our studio for underserved kids right here in Loveland.” Plus, coming soon—reopening after the move to SAW Pilates’ new location.

Annette’s Message: “We will get through this.”

“Our world is so used to going nonstop—we can use this time of slowing down and reflecting to heal, connect and grow together. I have strong faith we will come out stronger after this crisis passes. I can’t wait to see our community at SAW face-to-face and celebrate all we have overcome … together!”


Anne Tabor

Tabor & Company

How We Help: Expression Through Art

For Anne, co-owner/operator of Tabor & Company, painting a home is much more than primer and brushes. “I love color, design—seeing the joy in a client’s face when I’ve transformed their home,” she says with more than a dash of enthusiasm. “For the past 13 years, I’ve been blessed to help families create a space they want to come home to. Painting is about new beginnings and creating the next chapter of your family’s story. I love being a part of that.”

Anne’s Message: “We will emerge stronger.”

“Surround yourself with colors that speak to you. Eat food that is bursting with color. Use this time to reorganize your home, create a list of projects to update your space, and maintain a sense of humor. This too shall pass.”


Courtney Kraemer

Pink Ribbon Girls

How We Help: No One Travels This Road Alone

This year, the American Cancer Society estimates 1.8 million new cancer cases will be diagnosed in the United States. For the Pink Ribbon Girls (PRG), that means there’s work to do. This nonprofit provides free, direct services for anyone battling breast and gynecological cancers—at any age and any cancer stage. Families can receive meals delivered directly to their homes, rides to and from treatment, house cleaning and peer support. Last year in Cincinnati alone, PRG provided 26,622 meals, 1,200 rides and 952 house cleanings.

When someone hears a cancer diagnosis, not only are they fearful and uncertain, they can be worried financially,” Courtney, PRG’s community engagement coordinator, says. “PRG is here to help lighten their burden—to be part of the journey by making daily tasks easier while cancer patients focus on fighting the biggest battle of their lives.”

Courtney’s Message: “Cancer doesn’t stop; we don’t stop.”

“PRG will not stop providing critical services to our cancer patients at their time of greatest need—unfortunately, all spring fundraising events have been canceled or postponed, and we don’t have as many funds coming in. We would be honored to have any support from the community during this time. We’re humbled to serve the entire family, to lift the burden on the mom—who in most cases is the caretaker of the family.”


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