Five of Our Favorite Artists

Josef Kote

“[Style] is something that emerges after a lot of artwork has been created and it comes naturally the moment that you figure out how to best visually represent the concepts to which you are trying to convey. In my particular case, I tend to try and find a middle ground between Realism and Abstraction, finding that ‘perfect’ blend that feels just right for me. Keeping things loose and painterly in the right places is an important part of creating a successful painting for me.”

“I find so much enjoyment in being creative; it still amazes me the act of making, the process of taking a blank canvas and creating a new reality and calling it mine. “

“The unfinished portrait of Ria Munk III is my favorite painting because it gives such fascinating and unparalleled insight into Klimt’s working method. This show evoked an emotional response from me that not many other art shows have. I stood there in the gallery facing and experiencing his canvases of color, and the Klimt pieces were big. They were magical… “

Yvonne Claveloux

“I love using bold color, shapes and energetic strokes to create mixed media artwork that elicits happiness. Working across various canvases at the same time allows me to experiment with various brush techniques and different mediums like acrylic, graphite and gesso.”

“I never dreamed of being an artist. Many years ago, after deciding to take a break from my work as a designer and a stylist, I began to paint as a creative outlet. My desire to continue pursuing my artistic journey grew as I found my distinct style and it began to resonate with people. Now, I truly cannot imagine not painting every day!”

Sophie Montagnon

“I incorporate nature in my work like butterflies in a woman’s hair, roots from a tree in a woman’s body, fish in a woman’s figure." 

“I’m inspired by people's vulnerability. Their pain and struggle have a big influence on my work. I touch on tough subjects I see around me and feel I can connect with their unconscious, which I like to explore through my work.”

“I work a lot as a reaction to what I see or hear. One day this client told me he does not buy sculptures but rather only paintings so I made a sculpture of a woman who holds a frame and the message is: sculpture is amazing as painting is.”

Antonio Muñoz

“I find inspiration in the ‘Joie de Vivre’: high-end fashion and interior design trends and prints, vibrant yet sophisticated palettes, mid-century art and décor, abstract paintings, nature, diversity, travels, historical references, etc. A celebration of all the good humanity has to offer.”

“My work has the sentimental value of personalized silhouettes. Each piece is one of a kind and created to add a pop of joyful color and design to any space.”

“When British tailor Stephen Kempson commissioned a bespoke 30x45 piece for his atelier in Westport, CT, I wanted to portray him as an English dandy. For the silhouette, I photographed Stephen wearing a top hat I had found at a vintage shop. I created a custom piece with a contrasting vibrant palette to complement the bar area of his shop.”

Balls to the Walls by Erica, Erica Weber

“While I'd like to take credit for this, local art legend Miggs Burroughs described my art as ‘Andy Warhol high on skittles.’ I make one-of-a-kind illuminating glass ball pieces that are fun, bright, and whimsical.”

“‘Rainbow Relief’ (glitter rainbow poop emoji) was created by request for my first born on his 6th birthday. It was May 2020 and it was a quarantine birthday celebration—or lack there of—so I wanted to make him something special and unique. It is a great (and pretty accurate) representation of our life at that moment. We are trying to make the most out of the crappy situation the world was in.”

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