Flooded to Fabulous!

A Bathroom's Stunning Transformation from Disaster to Designer Space

Article by Brian Bailey

Photography by Dan Karipides

Originally published in Canton Lifestyle

When Massillon homeowners Joe and Kelly Putnam faced a double disaster in their master bathroom last summer—a leaking toilet and a burst pump flooding the room—they decided to turn misfortune into opportunity. Insurance coverage provided some of the means, but it was their vision that transformed their bathroom from a functional space into a personal sanctuary.

"The leak and the pump bursting were like a wake-up call," Joe Putnam reflected. "We've always wanted to change things up, but this incident pushed us to actually do it."

The original bathroom had a layout that Joe described as less than ideal. "I remember using that big-jetted tub once, and it was nothing like a real hot tub. It was supposed to be relaxing, but it just didn't cut it," he said.

The couple also found the shower too small and storage space insufficient for their needs. Joe, a DIY enthusiast, knew that a project of this magnitude was beyond his scope. "I'm okay with small projects, but this was a whole other level. Besides, I'd rather spend my free time jamming on guitar to Rolling Stones songs with my sons, Eric and Henry," he shared.

In their search for the right contractor, Joe and Kelly met with several firms but felt a special connection with Brandon Spring and Josh Petitte of SP Remodeling. "They had this way of explaining their process that was thorough and easy to understand. They were honest and straightforward,” Joe explained.

The extensive renovation plan included removing the outdated jacuzzi, relocating a wall to create more space, and reconfiguring plumbing to install a new pantry and a double bowl vanity with a sleek quartz countertop. A significant upgrade was the custom glass shower, now considerably larger and featuring six convenient recessed niches.

Joe and Kelly actively participated in the design process, selecting the color palette and tiles from a local home improvement store. Their choices led to a bathroom that not only met their functional needs but also resonated with their personal style. The space was marked notably by a bold blue that added character and vibrancy, transforming the bathroom into more than just a utilitarian space.

Discussing current trends in bathroom remodeling, Brandon said, "We're seeing a shift where homeowners really want their bathrooms to reflect their individuality. It's less about following a trend and more about creating a space that they love and feel comfortable in."

The project was not without its challenges. "Every remodel comes with surprises, especially when you have to open up walls," Josh pointed out. "We had to adjust our plans when we discovered the original venting and wiring, but these hurdles are part of the process."

Joe commended the problem-solving skills of the SP Remodeling team. "What I really appreciated about Brandon and Josh was their adaptability. They were good at thinking on their feet and kept us in the loop throughout," he said.

Their dedication even extended to an unplanned repair of a toilet in the second bathroom, a gesture that greatly eased the inconvenience of already having a main bathroom under construction.

SP Remodeling is known for their meticulous approach to protecting the home during renovations. "We make sure to seal off the work area and keep dust and debris contained. It's important that the family can continue their daily life with as little disruption as possible," Brandon emphasized.

The renovation took about five weeks to complete, and then slightly longer due to the wait for the custom shower door. The outcome delighted Joe and Kelly. "My water bill has definitely gone up as I find myself spending more time in the shower now," Joe admitted with a laugh.

He has simple yet effective advice for anyone contemplating a bathroom remodel: "Hire a professional. It saves time, and they're equipped to handle any surprises that come up."


SP Remodeling is a family-owned and operated residential construction and remodeling company serving Stark and neighboring counties. Their commitment to customer service and satisfaction stands paramount. The company endeavors to deliver an unparalleled remodeling experience, focusing on minimizing disruption and maximizing quality for every client they serve. This approach underscores their dedication to excellence in every project, ensuring that their clients' visions are realized with the utmost care and professionalism.

For more information on SP Remodeling and their custom bathroom and kitchen renovation services, visit spremodelingllc.com.

"My water bill has definitely gone up as I find myself spending more time in the shower"

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