Floor Covering Warehouse

A Generational Gem in Fairfield County

Founded by Frank Karas in 1934, Floor Covering Warehouse has been a staple family business in the Fairfield County area for almost 90 years, providing for families and their flooring needs over the course of generations. Gregg Karas, the current owner, shared his family’s legacy, detailing the progress and the journey of Floor Covering Warehouse over the past decades.

When Frank Karas first started his business in the 30s, it was called the 4 in 1 Shop. Years later, his son Frank came into the business after returning from serving time overseas. When his other son Edward graduated college, Frank’s two sons bought the family business from their father. Frank continued to work at Floor Covering Warehouse until he passed away in the 70s, and his wife Stella worked for many years thereafter. In 1999, Gregg Karas purchased the family business from his father and his uncle and has been carrying on the family legacy his grandfather started.

When asked about the best part of running a family-owned business, Gregg stated, “Carrying on a legacy, being in a business almost 90 years. Surviving many, many different recessions, downturns in the economy, and still being here after all these years. There’s something to be said for that.” What makes Floor Covering Warehouse stand out from potential competitors is the fact that the business has been kept within one family since its creation.

In a small town like Darien that prioritizes local businesses, the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic were surely felt. Gregg shared that the pandemic did have an impact on the business, like it did with many other local businesses. “People were home. They wanted to do projects. Then, once Covid lifted and people’s pocketbooks lifted, it was off to the races for a couple years,” stated Gregg.

Gregg had one message to share with Darien Lifestyle: “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” Though it may sound cliché, it is certainly true. Despite its name, Floor Covering Warehouse is much more than just a warehouse. The business has a modern-day showroom, providing customers with first-hand information about the services and products Floor Covering Warehouse provides. 

As the business has changed over the years, the demand continues to change as well. “I think the fastest growing product that I’ve seen in my lifetime in the business has been the evolution of these luxury vinyl floorings,” Gregg said. Floor Covering Warehouse offers customers modern and up-to-date flooring options that fit their design needs, adapting to the changes in trends over the past decades—all the way from traditional sheet vinyl kitchens to waterproof flooring and vinyl tiles.

Gregg shared, “It’s the amount of time that it’s been in business and the fact that it’s been in the same family—my family—for three generations; You don’t see a lot of generational businesses.” Over the course of 90 years, generations of Fairfield county families have come to Floor Covering Warehouse for their services. Their presence is unlike many businesses in the area, as their practice and tradition has been curated over years of familial collaboration and support from its community.

Our experience and knowledge go a long way, and the fact that we have been in business for 90 years is a draw for people.

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