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Lumiere Floral Designs Owner Takes Joy in Sharing Beauty

Ever since she was young, Rylee Meek remembers enjoying picking wildflowers and designing her own bouquets for her mom. But it wasn’t until 2015, when she was gifted a botany book by an aunt, that she began her trek into studying flowers, plants and gardening.

Over the years, her studies grew into a hobby, which grew into the creation of her business, Lumiere Floral Designs. 

“It has brought so much joy to make something beautiful and place it into a space for others to share. My favorite places to be, have always been the botanical gardens and at weddings and events full of beautiful bouquets,” says Rylee. 

Like many businesses, Lumiere Floral Designs shifted its service options. They strive to alleviate the strain of providing quality flowers to brighten up their customers’ homes—especially at a time when a little bit of brightness is really needed in our world.

Lumiere offers bi-weekly or monthly deliveries that include flowers to keep lobbies, desks, entryways, dining room tables and coffee tables looking fresh and beautiful. 

“My first-ever subscription client was a small coffee shop in Moore that took a chance on me; I made four arrangements bi-weekly for them, and it grew my business in a huge way! Our subscription program is still going strong to this day.”

She added, “We love how quickly OKC is growing and changing, and we feel really lucky to be part of the journey.”

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Need Some Floral Inspiration?

Looking to create your own spring floral arrangements? Rylee shared her No. 1 recommendation.

“Our favorite springtime flowers have got to be the trendy ranunculus. It's like a rose but delicate and blooms out so beautifully," she says. “We use ranunculus in a lot of our bridal bouquets and specialty arrangements!“

  • Rylee Meek, owner of Lumiere Florals