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Bellini's Nashville hot chicken sandwich with french fries

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Following His Passion

Bellini’s Ristorante & Grill’s Tyrez Bruner Aims to Keep People Coming Back

Before most kids even have jobs, Tyrez Bruner was already developing his passion for cooking.

Starting as a teenager, Tyrez worked in restaurants, building his skills in different areas and positions. He started by bussing tables, moved on to hosting and other front-of-house positions, and even tested out bartending and bar management before he launched into his true calling in the kitchen.

It was during his time working with the Bravo Brio Restaurant group that he feels like he came into his own as a professional chef.

Tyrez, currently the executive chef at Bellini’s Ristorante & Grill in Oklahoma City, explains: “Being a chef is not easy. You will have long days, weeks and even months. But if your passion is there, you will love it.” 

Tyrez says having a strong support system at home is crucial to his success. He and his wife, Shanelle, have four children at home. Teenagers Morgan and Tyren are the oldest, while Karsyn, 8, and Jaxson, 5, round out their family.

“Crazy enough, my wife does most of the cooking at home,” he admits, laughing. “But I absolutely love spending time with my family, hanging out and watching movies.”

Even during his early days in restaurants, he remembers being fascinated watching other chefs create their culinary masterpieces. 

“I always paid attention to the chefs I worked with and was interested in the way they moved around the kitchen with skill and grace,” he recalls. 

Since joining the Bellini’s staff last May, Tyrez’s passion for cooking has continued to expand. Coming from a strong background in Italian cooking, he felt right at home with many of the signature dishes at Bellini’s. When asked what his favorite menu item to prepare is, he said that he enjoys making all of them and that it is simply too hard to choose. 

“I enjoy working with my team and coming up with delicious specials and entrees,” he says. “We want to always give our customers a reason to enjoy their meal. It gives me joy when people enjoy their food.”

Many of Bellini’s dishes are designed to do just that—from their delicious Signature Salmon to their Top Shelf Pizza, you can’t go wrong with any of the dishes that Tyrez and his team prepare. He and his team pride themselves on serving food that is fresh, authentic and delicious. 

“All of the dishes at Bellini’s are delicious, but one thing that I suggest that all our guests try is the chicken parmesan,” he says.  

Tyrez also highly recommends the blackened sea bass served with tomato cream sauce, the Italian double-decker club sandwich, the seafood melt served with lobster bisque, and the Nashville hot chicken sandwich. 

Regardless of what he is making, Tyrez says his No. 1 goal in the kitchen is to create delicious food that keeps people coming back. 

Bellini’s offers both lunch and dinner specials, as well as a popular weekend brunch.

Whether you enjoy traditional Italian fare or more modern classics, Tyrez cooks them all and hopes his work in the kitchen will have you coming back again and again.

P.S. Did you know Bellini's offers catering and that they can host parties? Good to know with the holidays fast approaching!

Bellini’s Ristorante & Grill is located at 6305 Waterfront Blvd. in Oklahoma City. 

For more information or to make reservations, visit or find them on Facebook ( and Instagram (@Bellinisristorantegrill). 

  • Tyrez Bruner, executive chef at Bellini's Ristorante & Grill, with his family
  • Bellini's Nashville hot chicken sandwich with french fries
  • Blackened sea bass served with a broken tomato cream sauce, crispy potatoes and sautéed spinach
  • Italian double decker club sandwich with pasta salad
  • Seafood melt serve with lobster bisque