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Food That Tastes Like Home

Growing Up with a Love of Barbecue

Growing up in Memphis, one is surrounded by barbecue.  This was especially true for west Tennessee natives Aaron and Courtney Payne, who were high school sweethearts before relocating to Nashville. Food was a significant part of their cultural upbringing, including the annual month-long celebration Memphis in May. Courtney admits she didn’t know M-Town was known for BBQ until she moved away to Nashville, and everyone was talking to her about it. Being in a new city expanded their palette, including cooking styles from Texas, North Carolina, and Kansas City. Aaron loves them all, stating, “when you grow up with a love of BBQ, it naturally makes you want to try other types.” Courtney agrees they all offer something different, which makes the flavor of each method unique. 

For this couple, family and barbecue have always been intertwined. According to Aaron, “the flavor of Memphis-style barbecue reminds me of growing up there, hanging out with my friends, and cooking out in my family’s backyard. It definitely tastes like home.” Central BBQ was a clear favorite; Aaron even moved to Nashville with an extensive collection of their cups. Courtney loves the BBQ nachos, and Aaron swears by the traditional pulled pork sandwich topped with coleslaw, a well-known Memphis twist.

With his strong family background, Aaron thrives on building solid, long-term relationships with buyers and sellers as the owner of Payne Property Group.  He also gets to showcase his creativity when structuring a deal so that everyone feels rewarded in the end. Hilary M. says, “he got us everything we wanted and more!” 

In early 2021, Aaron became a training agent with Genovations Realty. In this role, he can give back to new licensees and show them his process of navigating this red-hot market while still giving the best service to your client. Across the board, it is evident that Aaron loves working one-on-one and investing in people - his clients, new agents, his family, and the community. When asked about their favorite local activities, Courtney & Aaron simultaneously chime, “our church!” They love the vibe of Mount Juliet with its mix of urban and rural, where people are welcoming and friendly, and with a hometown feel they can appreciate. As for local food fare, they are big fans of Martin’s BBQ and the newly opened Paper Mill Restaurant. 

Running two entrepreneurial businesses isn’t always easy, but the main focus continually comes back to the family. More than anything, Aaron and Courtney enjoy the closeness they have developed with their two kids by spending more time together at home. Their Memphis roots gave them the discipline to work hard and reinforced the importance of family and good food. 

  • Aron and Courtney Payne